Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bedazzle your vagizzle...

So, I get my eyelashes done, albeit not regularly..due to my laziness during time off.

I was looking them up online to get their phone number, and found the actual website to the company. So as I was browsing their lines of eye services, I noticed that "bedazzling" was one of the options.

Which spawned the following conversation between Andy and I...

Me: "I wonder what all they bedazzle? Just eyes?"

Andy: "What else WOULD they bedazzle?"

Me: "I don't know, maybe they vagazzle too."

Andy: "What the hell is vag-azzle?"

Me: "Some people get their FUPA's vagazzled. Mostly, porn stars or strippers, I would assume. People aren't going to put rhinestones on places that aren't frequently viewed."

Andy: "I didn't even know there was such a thing. Do men get it done?"

Me: "I can't imagine a large male clientele that would dazzle their crotch...maybe the gays, or a nudist colony for a fancy event, but what would they get? A butterfly wouldn't be appropo for a man, even if he was gay."

Andy: "Maybe a snake? Can they do balls?"

Me: "I don't know if rhinestones can stick to ball skin. It's like chicken skin with the feather holes freshly plucked. Maybe a crown above their little king? I could see men believing their penis deserved crowning."

Andy: "Well, if they COULD do balls, maybe they would just coat the whole thing in rhinestones."

Me: "Well that would just look like a double disco ball. And I am NOT shining a flashlight on it to glisten up the room."

Yes, this is an example of why he is my best friend, and why we try to work through the rough times, because who else can you have discussions like this with?

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  1. The double disco ball image is an unfortunate one that will likely stick for the remainder of the day....