Thursday, May 2, 2013

I think I like not working, even if I'm so sick I can't hold down food.

After experiencing LA, it makes me really wish I was just rich and didn't have to work. Most people think they would get sick of it, but I can say with extreme certainty that I could stand lounging by the pool and having a tv extra/actor named Jonathan as my server, bring me pitchers of mimosas while I survey over the pool and entertain those lucky enough to be close to hear our charades.

I would just live in a cabana at the W everyday.
They do have Truffle Mac and cheese with fried chicken, which, we may be the only girls in La who order such a fattening dish when surrounded by hungry anorexics.

Also staying at the Wilshire Hotel, they have a rooftop pool, smaller than the size of my old pool in GA, but barely larger than the bathtub in the room.

There are a million skinny girls here, but most of them look drugged. I can comissurate as I haven't been able to keep food down since arriving. I actually lost weight even with the booze I consumed. I think it's the real LA diet and understand why Kristen Stewart looks so bored. She cannot eat.

Yet the cast of characters are amazing and fun to people watch like maybe no other place.
I never imagined myself to be a west coast girl, but I "love the Bay just like I love LA."

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