Wednesday, April 10, 2013

No, I didn't die. I went to Canada instead.

So I've been a bad girl.

It's been about a month since I blogged last, mostly because I've been insanely busy at work, ninja-fighting allergies, sickness and general lethargy, and then I had to go to Canada for a week for work.

My boss gets gets Uruguay...Keri gets Canada.

And not even somewhere unfamiliar...I got Toronto, which I've already been to a million times. It was f-ing cold. And now, I am sick again.

It's also been a month in which everyone I know seems to be going through a crappy patch, and it stresses me out. When I get stressed, I lose my sense of humor and tend to space out.

Emotional Turmoil ADD, I like to call it.
I also don't like to be touched when I am super-stressed. It feels like knives and is very unwelcome.

However, I have had good news in my life. I got a nice bonus (or will get), I can successfully fit into SOME of the dresses that I bought for my trip to LA (which is a huge achievement since they were made for 12 year old, androgenous bodies, and I would say "my body is banging". Yes, I have a little extra meat, but I'm looking pretty good. And therefore, feeling good.

It's also a year that I've been in California.

Shocking. It's been the fastest year of my life. But I absolutely love living here. The only thing I would change would be my commute...but maybe I will be able to find a place closer to work at some point, especially after my kids are done from high school.

I am so excited about my trip. I lost it for a few days after returning from Canada and feeling like I was going to die. I also unpacked my suitcase the day I got home, which for me, is a sure sign of illness, as my suitcase usually remains full for at least a month after I return from any trip...items randomly picked out as needed. But I know I am going to have to start packing for LA, NJ and PA-my 3 places, 3 purposes in 1 week extravaganza!!!

LA is just a fun girls trip. I cannot freaken wait, and totally hope I see some celebs. Because things like that matter to me. However, with my luck, I would only see someone like Taylor Swift or Kristen Stewart...two celebs I want to bitch-smack.

NJ is a retreat between chaos to one of my BFF's (who I call Waif) abode...a venture into "Lil Italy", where the hoagies are delish and her cooking is amazing. Visiting Waif is as comforting as going to grandma's, as she is very nuturing and helps me figure out my life's issues. I think of it as "a soft place to fall".
I will probably gain 20 lbs while I am there, which I lost mostly for LA.

Then off to PA I go...on a train, offically using all modes of transportation. To my family. And two pregnant sisters in various stages of pregnancy. My first plan is to get a "sister picture" with me in the middle, because it's probably the only time I will ever be thinner than either one of them, let alone at the same time. It's like stacking the deck. lol.

So, that's my month in review and the fun that lies ahead.

I'm ready to break it down.


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