Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Last leg London ahead

So I leave today, after saying my "see you next times" to my new friends in the CZ Republic, and head to London.

So why am I not excited?

Why do I feel like someone just died?

Why did I not sleep at all last night?

A few reasons. The friends I have made here, and the fact I felt like this was a place I could rest for a few years. Just lay back and dream for a little.

And I did, but two weeks was not enough.

I laid in bed last night and tried to come up with as many different ways as I could to stay.

"Oh, I am sick and need to stay" all the way to extending my trip another week.

I am a mess.

Not a bad mess. An alive mess. A slightly crazy mess. Maybe not so much of a mess. Maybe just classically me.

A friend send me this song to listen to and the lyrics really cover it:

I'm waking up to ash and dust
I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust
I'm breathing in the chemicals

I'm breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the prison bus
This is it, the apocalypse

I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones
Enough to make my systems blow
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
I'm radioactive, radioactive
I'm radioactive, radioactive

Yes, I just posted lyrics to a song. (I am gagging a little bit too...just hang with me on this one.)

I hope this follows me home.

God I am like a brooding teenager right now.

I promise I will make up for this with something funny in London...

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The roof...the roof...the roof is on fire!

So full day two in Czech Republic, and I went to the office.

The people here seem like fun...and it looks like I have a partner in crime to go to Prague with this weekend, which is good that I wont be sitting by myself here.

So we went to lunch today, and as we are sitting there, I notice a fire truck pull up and start extending the ladder.

It smells like fire.

A crowd gathers in the square. Then keeps getting bigger.

A fire hose is brought in the lobby and sent upstairs.

A news crew arrives outside.

And, we sit. And enjoy our lunch.

I was dying...couldn't believe they didn't evacuate the building. And then we leave and see that, yes, in fact, the roof IS on fire.

...another day in the CZ, YO. Hardcore.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Europe-Part 1-Czech Republic

After flying for what seemed like days...oh wait, it was days...

I arrive in Prague, am picked up by my driver for the two hour car ride to the small town of Brno.

Pretty seamless. No issues, the countryside looks like Pennsylvania, the roads are pretty normal.

Then I get to Brno.

Looks like a cross between Russia and a medieval town built around an old church up on a hillside.

Ok...I can deal with European charm. But then I find out the taxi's aren't just step outside and hail one. You have to call them. I think I have the number, but I am not sure.

Then I get inside the apartment. Hasn't been cleaned in god knows how long. Dirty floors, nasty bathroom and dirty towels.

Which was probably the worst part because I haven't bathed in forever. So I found the only cleaning supplies here...a sponge and some dish soap, and set to wiping down the bathroom and kitchen. Then I took a shower and dried off with a clean pair of clothes.

I should've stayed at a hotel. DAMN.

And now it's really stressing me out, as I think I bit off more than I can chew with my tour of Italy/France via rail, especially now that I have two suitcases to lug around.

Not a good way to start a three week trip in Europe, as I am already slightly homesick, but going to make the best of it and hope for a better day tomorrow.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Rounding out Manila with a healthy rubdown...

My last day in Manila...I am in the airport lounge, for the next 3 hours and figured blogging would be a good thing to do, rather than watch CNN coverage of that plane crash that just happened (not exactly good for catching sleep on a plane).

Sad to go, as the people here are wonderful. (As I've stated before)

And I was quite comfy in my room, even if it was an iffy 3 stars at best. Mostly because I was unpacked.

I ended up having to buy another suitcase while shopping on Friday at what I can best describe as a huge flea market where I scored some new purses, and other souvenirs. I even heard today that it looks favorable that I am coming back in July/August, in which I may just bring one or two outfits and two empty suitcases to fill. The clothes are so cute and so CHEAP.

I discovered about myself a few things so far...

1. I don't really like all the "alone time". Which I kind of already knew. I like SOME alone time, but when left to my own devices, I prefer to sleep a lot. Or sit outside and smoke, which I am supposed to have quit. I swear, no more. I am out of cigarettes and refuse to buy more...(crossing my fingers).

2. I really am a pickier eater than I would like to admit. In my mind, I am worldly. In reality, I find myself wanting the familiar things that I don't have to ask what they are. In some cases, I really do go outside my comfort zone and try them, figuring, if it's just a bite, worst case scenario, I can choke it down. But I will not order a full meal of something I never had because then I am screwed. On the plus side, this was my first trip to an Asian country, and I don't feel like I did that badly. I tried some new things, and some things I will now order every time I come. (Some of my closer friends would not be shocked by this, as they eat anything.)

Sadly, this pickiness didn't really result in any real weight loss, and I stood about two feet taller by all the locals (even men), so I resembled an elephant towering over Meerkats.

3. When I am not at home, I drink daily. Not a lot...but I've had a drink every day since I left.

4. I am less than thrilled that my sons won't return a text from their mother. I was hoping it would bother them a lot more that I was absent.

Okay, that's what I discovered about myself.

Today, I had a massage. My coworker took me to a spa and we had a couples massage. First time I've had a massage with another person in the room, and one that I am considerably fatter than. I had to ask for a larger robe, as even the men's robe didn't fit me.

Since I am sun-burned (from two hours under shade in cloudy weather), they did most of it shiatsu style. Which started out with the woman telling me in broken English that we were going to stretch. Confused, and now standing there with my huge cow boobs out in the open, I asked if she wanted me to bend over (picture "downward facing dog")???

She told me no, lay down, which I happily did.

Just because they are petite, don't mean they play around.

This chick got up on the bed and squatted Ninja-style over me while doing this thing I can only describe as "cup, clap and slap". As far as massaging, it really does nothing other than peak my curiosity, as I am now under a hood and can't see a damn thing.

But apparently if they do it during a massage it must mean something because they do it a lot, and go all the way down your back, then punch your foot. Then they do it down your arm, and punch your hand.

I was going to get a massage at the hotel spa on Saturday, but since my coworker was taking me Monday I canceled. But I had been curious, as the confirmation had specified for a female masseuse without me asking.

This was about to make more sense.

After she was done rubbing down my back, she pulled down the top of my underwear, which happens if they tuck a sheet in there during a normal massage, and by "in there" I mean the top of your panties.

But she pulled them significantly in, my entire rear end was out, and then she started to massage my butt cheeks.

To which my mental response was, "oh. So THIS is happening."

And when that segment was over, she ended it with a light slap to the ass. Naturally.

Also unique to this massage over any other, she massaged my stomach while I was laying on my back, and ended that with a light slap to the gut. And now my hood was only covering from the nose up, so I had to try REALLY hard to not giggle at the gut slap.

I was already planning this blog post. Something's just lay themselves into a perfect story.

So also during this whole thing, she pulled and pushed and was trying to teach me some sort of contortion. I don't know but it felt pretty good and I was stretched out well. Then I had to sit up and she said "TRY to touch your toes" like it was an unbelievable challenge. In order to prove my flexibility still existed, I think I pulled something, but successfully touched past my toes.

I was proud.

And so my travels to the eastern world come to an end as I prepare to board a connection that takes me through Dubai, in which I am hoping provide some interesting shopping and a mid-air view of those man-made islands off the coast.

And then onward to the Czech Republic, my first foray into Eastern which I have two great-grandparents from on either side of my family.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Manila- Me Vs. The Toilet

First, let me start off by saying the people here are amazing. I was greeted at the airport by a driver from the hotel, and when I got to the hotel, I was greeted by a lovely woman in an Asian style long dress, who took me right to my room and checked me in up there.

While the rooms are being renovated, and mine is quite 1980s, it's a good location, and they have a great pool area.

Today was my first day in the office. Again, the people here are wonderful. But I did have an unfortunate incident when using the restroom in the office.

I went to flush, and as I watched in shock, this little robot arm came out and sprayed water all over with me with such force that it was hitting the wall across the room!!! I just stood there like an idiot for a few seconds, not understanding what was happening.

This was no regular bidet type toilet.

Then I pushed the lever all the way down (where I thought it had been to start with) and out came a second arm and shot me again!!!

Finally, I located the REAL flush, and left the restroom drenched in toilet water.

Welcome to Manila!!!

The weather here is like soup...wet and warm. I feel like I am at the beach (which I guess I am) but can't see the ocean from here. Flying in, you see all the little islands that make up the Philippines. I am feeling a little jet-lagged, as I am 16 hours ahead of California, and 3 hours behind Australia. Going to Prague should be really weird as I go backwards in time and repeat the same day twice.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sydney...last days

I've spent the majority of the weekend pretty bored. I tried to strike up some conversations but most people here are locals who don't want to talk, or families on vacation.

I spent some time walking around the shopping district but I didn't really see anything I couldn't get at home. I think Sydney is a great city, and probably very nice to live here. But it's so similar to San Francisco, that I mostly feel like I am at home.

But without my home.

The hotel is pretty nice...I have a massage later today.

I usually miss my bed, but I have to say, this is one of the most comfortable beds every. And it's a twin.

There is a casino here, but I am banned from going Probably a good thing.

I've got one day of work here left tomorrow (today is Sunday here) and then on to the Philippines.

Hopefully a more interesting update then.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sydney...Day two

Not too much to report today, as I was in the office.

I am pleased to report that the toilets do indeed flush in the opposite direction.

After checking out various websites and tourist books, it seems that the most exciting things to do in Sydney are boat rides and the beach...both things more fun with other people.

Our friends in the office here have their own families, and I don't want to be "that person" who needs constant hand-holding.

So I am calling it a day, ordering room service and watching tv.
Maybe more fun tomorrow.

Bottom line...Sydney is more fun with people.