Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Random thoughts....

For as many decisions as I make in my life, I really hate it.

At work, I'm the boss, or "hoss" as I was recently called. I had to explain that "hoss" implies that I am a lumberjack-esque woman. Not exactly a smart move from an employee. lol.

And everyone who knows me, knows I run all the decision making at home. I am the brains of the operation and sick of it.

I actually told my husband that I am sick of answering to someone for everything. I've always had to answer to someone else. Never in my life has it just been me, left to my own devices.

Do you know how horrible that is???

I can't run away. I am too old for it to be cute, and adventurous and I have kids. (Thank goodness they are leaving soon.)

And I just got my hair done, and I looked really good last week. So good, a 27 year old hit on me. He looked 23, and made me wish I was still in college.

If I was left out, I think I would pounce.

Today is kind of sucking, because I need coffee, but I must have Ambien-eaten something last night, because I can not stop farting. Seriously. My boss keeps asking why I am hunching over in pain. I looked at him and finally just said, "I can't stop farting. And they're LOUD." It's awful.

He died laughing.

I am going to die farting. Or at least in intense gut pain. But with NutraSystem, you have to eat for like 7 days to build up a decent poop.

And right now, I am filling up with gas and in a small cubicle, surrounded by others whom I do not want to let one rip in front of.

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  1. Yours is one of the few blogs I can read lately, sort of a misery loves company thing. The fart thing is quite an image. Thank you.