Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Trials of Army Recruiting School, Weeks One and Two

Andy started recruiting school last week, down at Fort Jackson, SC. I can tell you that it's not the greatest place, because that's where I went to basic training, many moons ago.

And I do not have fond memories.

He was pretty mad because they haven't been very forthcoming with information so far. We've had to nudge answers out of them about everything. Before we went on our trip, I had emailed the RTR guys and asked about a welcome email that he was supposed to get about a week before he went to ARC. He emailed back and said there was no such email, just report to the Welcome Center. Then we get to St Lucia, and the email comes, but we can't open it, because we didn't have Word loaded on Andy's mini netbook.

So Andy gets there and finds out he is sharing a room with another E-6. Not cool, when you have to be there for almost two months. Plus, it kind of prevents me from going to visit, which I had considered.

Week One of class was organization and regulations. You don't report until 5pm on Monday, so he had lots of time to settle in, since he arrived on Sunday. He had to write an essay about his army career Thursday night. Stupid timing when the first test was Friday. He also had homework most nights. He didn't do so hot on the first test, and had to retest on Monday. If you fail the test twice, you meet with the SGM, and most likely he boots you out. But from what I hear, you will get orders to go back 90 days later, if you are DA Select.

So we are in Week Two now, and tomorrow is this weeks test. From the little info I've been able to dig up on recruiting school, this is the hardest one. It's more regulation, but this one is focused on the ins and outs of waivers for enlistees. Andy had to complete his E-Qip online last night for his NALCL (or National Agency with Credit Check). He's also had a lot of homework this week.

They set up breakfast and lunch at the NCO Club and you use a meal card. For dinners Monday through Friday, you get a $10 voucher for fast food....which is pretty stupid since they aren't really doing much PT (exercise). Most nights, Andy has eaten pizza. He figures it's better for him than fried foods. On weekends, you eat at the Pub on post. Again, it's like a $10 voucher.

This is a good source for info if you are on recruiting orders:
Army Study Guide Recruiting Forum

You can ask whatever you want. There is a lot of content in here. It's about the most helpful thing I have found so far. You can also email me if you have a question and I will try to find out. It's been extremely frustrating at the lack of info about Recruiting Duty, so I will do what I can to help other people.


  1. I hope schooling goes better for Andy. And don't forget to tell him to study his brains out! They're restructuring the system and if you aren't productive, they get rid of you.

  2. I was at Ft. Jackson in dec of 67 or jan of 68 and it was the only negative part of my service including Viet Nam. I didn't like Columbia. I had a letter guaranteeing me Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Indiana for Army Finance School but I had to go through Jackson first. I had just had 4 years of typing and was doing about 60 WPM and they wanted to make me a clerk typist but the letter saved me. I was so glad to get out of that place. Hope your hubby gets along OK.

  3. wow... sounds like a somewhat frustrating process... and you!?! bootcamp!?? please share!!

  4. How did his test go the second week? My husband is in school now for recruiting and he failed the first test, he got really down on himself about that...he told me its open book and that you just have to use the ctrl F key to find shit but I guess his issue is finding the right things. Does your hubby have any advise? He's a smart guy just not a good test taker! Any advise would be greatly appreciated. We done want him to get sent home. :(