Wednesday, March 2, 2011

As I sit in paradise, I realize I suck at relaxing.

Day 4 in St Lucia...

I have now spent 2 full days in one of the most relaxing places I've ever been. I've tried as best I can to block out all the events I will encounter in the next 3 months. I've laid on the beach, and cursed my blueish-white thighs. I've so far, managed to dodge a lobster-esque sunburn. I've laid around, doing nothing but reading trash magazines. I've consumed my weight in rum.

I'm bored.

I know...cry you a river, right?

I'm not really complaining. But I find myself missing my bed, my dogs, my ability to not live out of a suitcase. And I am ready to plan out my moving. We got a lot of information in the two days before we flew here...we are moving to San Francisco proper and we ARE allowed to sign a lease, so we can go househunt before we move...which alleviates many of my anxieties.

But we've also spent a buttload of money here. The food is RIDICULOUSLY expensive. The alcohol is much cheaper though. We chartered a private boat for the day tomorrow, in an attempt to get out and do something. Andy and the boys want to snorkel. I don't do floating, so I will be riding up front, happy as a dog sticking its head out of a moving car window.

My MIL and I are also going to go shopping, which I know will end in utter depression and lots of overeating, since I won't fit in to any of the clothes in the high-end boutiques. AND I really shouldn't spend more on clothes and accessories anyway.

It's been a good trip, but I really need structure in my this can get a little maddening.



  1. In the past, it's always taken me until about the third day of a cruise to actually relax.

    Have you tried ordering apps whenever you eat? My family did that at Bermuda ... it was hard to buy lunch for four people without spending less than $100!

    Just think, only a few more days of relaxation before you have to come back to the world and a hectic life -- try to enjoy it while you can! :)

  2. I also suck at relaxation. On my cruise I walked my legs off trying to find relaxing things to do. The only place I can truly relax is in the mountains. There I am at peace with the world. Good luck with the rest of your trip.

  3. I am a women who thrives on routine as well and always have trouble relaxing. Must be doubly hard when you know you have a challenge to return home to! Deep breaths seem to help me!

  4. A vaca wouldn't be a vaca with out laziness and a little weight gain, ENJOY!! You deserve it and who knows when you get to do this again :) YAY!

  5. I suck at relaxing as well. I am such an on the go person. Although if I went on vacation I'd enjoy being out doing new stuff.

  6. I too get bored and always wish I were with some of my female friends to lounge and talk with. Next time, fly me out.