Thursday, March 31, 2011

Well, my mother of the year candidacy is shot...

Somewhere on the 5 minute drive last night, between home and work, I lost my mind.

Any capability to string together words in a comprehensible way.

(Other than sh*t! d@mn! fu$K!) anyway.

I don't know about you, but I hate coming home from a trip to a nasty house. After the exhaustion of long car rides and the probability that all the laundry in your suitcases has to be washed, the last thing I need to see is unmade beds, dog hair and dirty dishes everywhere.

So last night was an overwhelming mix of info that I got at the same time. I found out that pretty much all my extended family is coming to my grandmothers on Saturday to celebrate Gavins birthday. It's wonderful news. I am just surprised they are all coming. So now I am kind of scrambling what was just going to be cake and some chips, to an actual spread.

In the midst of that, I found out one of my closest friends got bad medical news yesterday. It's devastating, because her husband is deploying for Afghanistan in like 3 weeks, and she is isolated in Alaska.

So I was pretty much spinning last night, trying to remember how to pack, since I uncharacteristically waited until the last second to do so, and cleaning up my house. My children, apparently don't realize that chores still exist when Andy isnt home, and so Gavin spends many of the weeks grounded for his poor attitude. What happened to my sunny, happy child???

This morning was a frenzy to get the rest done and make sure I didnt forget anything, as the kids left for school and I got ready for my short day at work. I yelled at the kids a few times to feed the dog, clean up this, pick this up. Gavin got lippy with me, and I told him I would let him see all his presents on Saturday so he knew what he was missing, and then he would be grounded from them for 3 weeks if he didn't help pick up. I think he swore under his breath as he did what I asked and then I pretty much shoved them out the door.

It wasn't til I was halfway to work that I realized today IS Gavin's birthday!

oh crap.

How do I forget that?

Well, we've had several birthday celebrations so far, and I guess it just didn't occur to me in all the chaos running through my mind, TRYING TO NOT FORGET ANYTHING.

Where are those old Calgon commercials, where the woman yells, "Calgon, take me away!" and is transported off to a spa-like setting and lovely warm bath?

Oh...and it's snowing. Isn't that special?
See ya Monday, pals. I will undoubtedly be in a lighter mood by then.


  1. Chill. Kids need to learn that parents are human. I am sure he knows you love him.

  2. Keri my friend sometimes life sucks and you just hope the next day will be better. All you can do is try to control the atmosphere from this moment on praying it will be more loving.
    You are not alone in this situation, my wife's soon to be 18 year old daughter treats our home like a motel. She eats and sleeps and uses enormous amounts of towels but doesn't do anything to help, "EVER".

  3. If it makes you feel the tiniest but better- I am in the van about to pull out of the garage with my 2 teens & the oldest says "I didn't eat breakfast.". REALLY?? I yell "Are YOU kidding ME!"- I run into the house grab a plastic spoon & yogurt hurl it at him the whole time lecturing him on the evils of going to school with no food in his stomach!
    I think we have Mother of the Year moments at times-it's normal. Try to have a good day & a fun weekend with the extended family.

  4. Damn... hectic! I hope you all have a good time once you get there and your friend is in my prayers... that sounds so sad :( Take care!!

  5. Keeping it all together is big business. A rough one at that. I can never remember my kids' birthdays, I figure I was super busy and in pain on those days. We have a right to block it out s bit.

  6. Your house sounds like mine your responses to everything sounds like mine In fact it sounds like I wrote it! Relax.....just normal chaotic life with teenagers and husbands who are not there. Although I can remember the few times my husband was there was more chaos LOL!

  7. Watch Sixteen Candles and feel better. You are hardly a bad mother. There is just a lot of shit in your toilet right now.


  8. I am sorry to hear about your friend. Alaska is at times far from everywhere, particularly at times like that.