Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back to the Grindstone....kind of...

Today was my first day back to work since our trip. I ended up calling off yesterday, due to exhaustion and stress. In times like this, I find myself wondering, "Why the hell can't I be one of those people who stop eating when they're stressed???"

But alas, everything handy finds its way in to my mouth.

I've also found myself craving booze after my week in the Rum capital of the world. I don't even drink rum. But something about it was wonderful while I was gone. I wanted to bring home a few bottles of it, but couldnt be sure it wouldnt break on the plane, which would've made me very sad. I promised myself if I don't drink anything until Friday, I can have some wine. lol. Signs of a problem?!

I also gave my notice to work today. It has been adding stress to the pile, since I have such a great boss...knowing I was leaving pretty much since I started this job has made me feel guilty...NOT something I often feel. But it went great, and now I have one more thing off my "worry pile."

I will go online tonight when I get home and post a few St Lucia photos...which I can't do at work. I will also post a review of my trip, which will count as my post for tomorrow since I am feeling extraordinarily lazy this week.

Blame it on the rum and the island time.



  1. Oh My! I eat when I'm stressed too! seems like I am always stressed! lol Glad things went well at work....

  2. I wish I could put my notice in at work! I would SO NOT feel guilty about it though! :)