Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Can't Sleep Because I am Obsessed With Japan's Well-Being

I look and feel like cow poop.


My eyes are red-rimmed, bloodshot and puffy. My skin is sallow. I have a sinus infection starting.

I don't feel good.

And to make matters worse, I have gotten next to no sleep this week, due to the time zone difference between here and Japan, their daytime is our nighttime, so Anderson Cooper is bringing me the all the info from 10pm to 12pm on CNN.

How do you say no to cheeky Anderson Cooper?

(I do not. I CAN not. He is my kryptonite, and resistance to him is futile.)

So up I sit, riveted by the horrific pictures of huge ships parked next to houses...and 6 Nuclear Reactors ready to meltdown at any minute.

From a viewers point of view, this is like watching Armeggeddon, 2012 and Deep Impact all rolled in to one. A nightmare unfolding. What is happening?

"This is the End. My only friend, The End." ~Jim Morrison

Makes you start to wonder.

My mom calls to tell me this week how "The Big One" will hit California almost immediately after I drive over the border in to San Francisco.

Thanks, mom. I needed the extra stress. Really? Earthquakes in California? What an unconsidered concept.

Anderson gets infuriated at the lack of information from the Japanese government. Get them, Anderson. I am am pissed too. Pissed for people who are so shell-shocked right now that they don't know what's going on, and the government gives no real updates and doesn't evacuate far enough out. Chernobyl was one reactor, as far as I can research. This is 6. Incidentally, Three Mile Island is about 7 miles from my sisters house in PA. And my mom was pregnant with me when they had all their drama in 1979.

I hope they get the power back on tonight so they can get it under control. And I need sleep.


  1. Given that your mom lived so close to TMI, I think it makes total sense that you're obsessed. I grew up nowhere near any of the catastrophes they are facing and I have to be careful to not get too obsessed with it!

    I hope you get some sleep soon!

  2. I live near TMI, too! Except for the fact that I wasn't even born when that happened.

    I'll be praying for you and Andy -- that Andy does well in recruiting school and that you can finally get some sleep! :)

  3. I saw all three of those movies a number of times and can't imagine the destruction they are dealing with under poor conditions of cold and snow. It's hard to find words to adequately say how sorry I am for them.

  4. It's so horrific. You should check out L's blog. She is an American living with her sometimes-not-so-polite husband in Japan. Currently she is flying to Las Vegas with her two younger children to get them out of Japan. She is struggling with it all.

  5. It is really bad and I feel for all those people all that, especially when you see pictures of them looking for their family members. Thoughts are with them right now.

  6. Hey! I am an Air Force wife living in Japan. To calm your fears a bit...The closest military base to the nuclear site is Misawa AFB which is almost 160 miles away. Please take what you see on the American news with a grain of salt. There are 14 million people in the city of Tokyo alone and the government cannot sensationalize the information like Fox news can. They have to give people that choice. I just wrote a blog post about why we have decided to stay. Please go and read it. I also put up a funny video on explaining the nuclear stuff. I hope your worries subside and if they don't...quit watching the news. It helps, I promise. xoxoxox Lynnie