Friday, March 25, 2011

Guilty Indulgence for the weekend? A muzzle for my son.

Do you have a child that doesn't EVER shut up?

In all reality, it should come as no surprise my son is talkative. He DOES have me for a mother.

But THIS kid NEVER STOPS TALKING. It's becoming worse and worse. The only way I can quiet my house, is to send him outside.

Bad mother.

Instead of keeping him grounded because of his poor attitude lately, I choose the sweet sounds of silence.

Instead of teaching him a lesson, I give myself the gift of no mortal combat between my sons.

Until the sun starts to set, and he needs to come in for the night.

Welcome World War III.

And then I look wistfully at Andy's hearing aids, and think, "YOU LUCKY FUCKER. Half-deaf and you STILL manage to come out the winner."


  1. I saw your title and had to find out where I get one for my son! lol

    When he's not medicated, my son talks CONSTANTLY. I have tried playing the quiet game with him but that only works for MAYBE 5 minutes, if I'm lucky. I look forward to him going to his dads for the weekend cause I know I will have silence in the house! lol

  2. My brother is a lot like that, he never shuts up and just talks about rubbish all the time. I'm hoping that he will grow out of it sometime soon, if not then I can't wait to move out just to get rid of his voice.

  3. All three of my kids talk constantly. I don't get it because there are few things more sacred than silence in my world, those things being a long massage and a fabulous glass or two of red wine. And sex, of course. But silence rates up there at the top. I blame karma for all the noise by spawn create. Partial deafness would definitely be a blessing.

  4. which is worse...a toddler who still babbles in toddler language....or a toddler who speaks my language? I in bliss that I can't understand a word my kid says? hmm, it's still loud and nonstop. LOL.

  5. My children have grown and moved away. All five of them. My oldest daughter was the chatter box. Number two was the screamer. Number three and five meowed like cats and dogs. Number four was probably sittin in a corner quietly somewhere wishing they'd all shut-up.

    Feel your pain.

  6. Both of my kid start talking from the moment they wake up until they go to bed. The little one also repeats and repeats and repeats what he said unless you say something, anything to let him know you heard him - even when what he said doesn't require a response. Drives me frikken batty.

  7. Just wanted to let you know I am giving you the Stylish Blogger award! You can check out the post at
    I love your blog and thought you deserved this!