Monday, March 28, 2011

A few little known facts about yours truly...

Well, my weekend pretty much sucked.

Gavin had his birthday sleepover, which consisted of 4 boys, a gallon of sugar and me being woken up every hour until 6am, at which point I lost my sanity completely and yelled at them all to go to sleep. I also pulled Taylor upstairs to his own room, because he was found chasing the other kid through the house. It was a great time. Heh.

I also started to clean out my closets in preparation for moving. From mine alone, I had four bags of junk to get rid of. My next task for this week, is to pack up most of my kids clothes. Right now, my entire dining room table is stacked two feet high of all their clothes, and they all end up in the dirty laundry to me to rewash within 5 days. So I am going easy on myself and just leaving out enough to get by the next two months.

We might have a house. Maybe. Hopefully. More on this in the next day or two.

As promised, I thought of a few random things that hardly anyone knows about me. Not the most exciting blog post, but better than talking more about my cleaning habits.

1. I hate getting rid of stuffed animals. I guess I never stopped thinking that maybe they really do have feelings and come to life if I'm not in the room with them. I know it doesn't really make sense, and I'm okay with that. I have garbage bags full of them from when I was a kid.

2. I actually own several large pieces of exercise equipment. Not that I use them. My INTENT is always to use them, but then some prime excuse surfaces as to why I can't, and it collects dust in some awkward space in the already crowded house. I don't know why Andy lets me buy more???

3. I kill live plants. I can't even manage to keep bamboo alive. Andy has put a monetary limit on how much I am allowed to spend on landscaping flowers for the front of our house each year. Hanging baskets and potted plants are the worst.

4. I love documentaries on weather phenomena as much as I love black comedies. They are pretty much my favorite genres. lol. White Chicks is one of my fave.

5. My favorite nationality of food is Mexican, followed by French. Cheesy carbs vs. cheesy carbs. Margarita vs. fine wine. What is not to like??

6. I wish I would've had my kids learn a different language from birth. I really screwed up with this one. I think it's important for kids to be bilingual. It will only help them as they get older.


  1. I love to watch disaster movies like earthquakes, meteors hitting the earth, etc and I also wish I and my 3 girls knew a second language. Have a great week.

  2. Although it is quite embarrassing due to my age and probably my gender, I still have a couple of soft toys on my bed from when I was younger and I probably won't ever get rid of them anytime soon.

  3. OMG white chicks is the best, infact Vanessa Carlton came on during my halfass run this morning and I pretended I was in the convertible with them! hahaha. AND I totally know what you mean about stuffed animals, I was convinced they came alive during my slumber and danced around me to protect me, nobody can tell me any different. Just look at the Velveteen rabbit, if you love them enough they become real!!