Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Minor Technical Difficulties" have ensued.

So Sunday, I fell down the stairs.

Not my most graceful move...that's for sure.

I guess my foot slipped down the steps and up in the air I went. I landed on my back on the bottom steps and it knocked the air right out of me. Since then, my back has progressively gotten more sore.

Today I woke up and had no motivation to get up. Worse, I found that it wasn't easy to do either. Everything had gotten really stiff overnight.

So off to school the kids went, and I went back to bed. Unfortunately, I can't sleep, so I'm laying here, prisoner to daytime tv.

I find myself wishing Andy was home to do the laundry. My kids appear to have worn enough clothes to dress 20 kids this week. And now it's in the laundry room. I almost lost my shit when I went in to put a load in the washer and found FOLDED CLOTHES thrown in the basket/mountain of dirty stuff. (what the hell is wrong with my kids???)

So, I'm packing up most of their clothes and keeping out the bare minimum for the next two months. I have no patience for constantly doing laundry unnecessarily. They haven't gotten the memo that I am not the household laundry bitch.

I find myself thankful that my husband deals with that when he's home. And it makes me miss him ever so much more.


  1. My kids do the same thing - folded clothes in the laundry basket. It's almost like they think they need to fill a laundry quota and if they haven't, they just throw crap from their drawers in.
    It's like they think my life is not complete without having to do their laundry, so they 'throw a little extra in' just for me.
    Hope you're up and about sooner than later! Or milk it for as long as it's worth - your call (I'd be milking it).

  2. I totally admit to doing that to my mother, now I am reaping what i sow, *sigh*. I think I did it because I was too lazy to put it away, so I would just throw it in the laundry basket, now my 8 year old does the same thing!

  3. I have teens that do the same & I don't get what is so damn hard about putting the folded items into their dresser?? I mean hell I already folded them!!! I hope your back feels better- blame the packing of the clothes on the Pain & tell them to Suck it UP!!

  4. So sorry you are not doing well but it seems your hubby does do his part when he is home. We have to be a team. Hope you feel better soon.,

  5. OMG I have been laughing while reading your blog. I love it. Happy you type without a "filter" ...its fantastic. I am following now. :) http://tidbitzearthlydelights.blogspot.com

  6. BTW hope your back is getting better not worse.

  7. I hope you are feeling better! I hate when Son unpacks his bag from his dads and gives me folded clothes to wash. ggrrrrrrrr