Monday, April 4, 2011

I bought these shoes, then it all just kind of went from there...

I got home to PA on Thursday night, and my intentions were to keep the whole trip under $300.

My intentions were good, but very, very off-track.

Mom and I went shopping.

I know, I know...this is the last freaken place I should've gone. I promised myself like 8 times I was just going to look. Then I saw the 50% off EVERYTHING sale at NY&Co. and out the door went that idea. Everything really WAS 50% off!!! I could've spent all day in there, but we left the boys on a bench out in the mall while we tried on our arm-loads of clothes. They got good and pissed, and kept texting us to hurry up. We told them if they just sat there and took it like men, we would make it worth their while.

So I got a few things, spent $88 and swore to not spend more.

Til I saw these H by Halston shoes and I knew it was already too late the moment I set eyes on them. I will update this with a picture later when I get home. They have about a 7 inch heel and 2 inch platform.

Dems' hooker shoes.

By the time Friday shopping trip was over, I had spend $200. Then I went to dinner with my sister, mom and brother in law. Another $100 down.

Then a last minute text to my cousins, and my plans for the night were completed. Let me just say, it's Monday and I still hurt. My cousins are in their early 20s, and while I kept up in terms of drinks, my body couldnt keep up with me. At one point, my ankles couldnt bear the weight of my body with those shoes at such a high angle, and I just fell. I had to take the shoes off bc I couldn't stand up anymore. My ankles were just weakened. I can tell this is going to be a gradual training process.

I also spend about $200 for Gavins bday party Saturday. Then I ended up staying all day yesterday and finally got back to my house in NY around midnight.

I had a good weekend. It was sad to leave, since it's the last time I will be home for probably 6-8 months. I am a basket of hormones and have cried almost nonstop. I didn't think it would make me so sad to leave them all, since I live 5 hours away anyway. But other than when I lived in Alaska, Ive always been within a 14 hour car ride home. I also miss Andy. And we are still waiting to find out if we have this house out in Cali. I had fun this weekend though,despite my dread over the long drive. It's always nice to put things behind you and look onward to the next adventure....

which takes place in San Francisco, in about 4 weeks when Andy and I fly out on our scouting trip, sans kids.


  1. Wow. Those sound like some amazing sales. Did you go to Rockvale?

  2. Wow, things ARE moving fast for you... I hate the hormonal cries, but they're cleansing as well, as much as they suck. The shoes sound SEXY, pictures pictures pictures!! Sounds like you had a great time that was worth EVERY penny... budget schmudget.. at least every now and then ;) xo

  3. OK, this is understandibly a female post that goes over my head. Hope you feel better soon.