Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Feed Me, Seymour!

Are you even old enough to get that movie reference??

In any case....

I've been having food issues lately. I didn't "intend" to diet. I am not quite sure how it happened. The best I can think of, is that since I have little to no control over the other things happening in my life right now, I somehow mind-fu@ked myself in to dieting.

It's kind of messed up.

My stomach has been a roiling mess for the past three weeks, as a result...forbidding me to keep anything worthwhile or tasty down. So I've dropped a pretty decent amount of weight, but I am bitchy as hell!


I had no time this morning before getting to work to stop and grab something, like I had planned. So imagine my surprise and delight when I walked in to the kitchen at work, and saw a giant coffee cake!!!! This bad boy is homemade, and it is 2/3'd crumb topping. It's like the clouds opened and singing came from the heavens!

I took two pieces, and stuck one in my drawer until I could chow down the first piece so no one would see that I had two. lol.

Don't judge me. haha.

Sadly, this is all I will eat today. I can only imagine the calories I am inhaling, but I was so hungry, I really don't care.

We had thunderstorms last night. Probably the first time I have heard thunder up here in NY. I miss the storms we used to get in GA. Andy was talking about them the other night because of how bad they have been down south and out west. I LOVE thunderstorms. One of my 10 most favorite things. In fact...let's bust out my 10 most favorite things for the month of April, in no particular order:

2. Fondue
3. Taking my kids on trips
4. Not taking my kids, but going on trips
5. Thanksgiving Dinner
6. Christmas Eve
7. Sleeping in
8. Shopping
9. Pork, Sauerkraut and Mashed Potatoes, Mexican Food and Red Robin Banzai Burgers
10. Laying in bed watching Criminal Minds marathons, HGTV, Food Network and Bravo

Yes, you noticed too, that food played a big part of things I love. That's why I am so sad and miserable right now...because I have none of those things. Other than the traveling, I sound very lethargic, huh? lol. What did you expect, me to say I like running or exercise? No way...I HATE running. HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT. I dont mind some forms of exercise, but I need to be properly entertained while I do it.


So now I am full, and it's raining, and I wish I could nap.
Tell me some of your favorite things!


  1. The coffee cake sounds amazing and I think it's super-clever that you hid a piece in your desk!

    Have you tried the elliptical machines? They're sooo much easier on my knees!

    I also love thunderstorms. We had a pretty epic one last weekend here in PA.

  2. Having time to start a great book & finish it all in one day with NO KIDS to interrupt!

  3. OK girl, I'll give it a try.
    1. Cold glass of wine at the end of the day
    2. Mountains, anywhere
    3. Running streams with rocks to climb on
    4. Anything with peanut butter in it
    5. Nuts
    6. Traveling
    7. Walking with my dog
    8. Lancaster, Pa.
    9. Thunderstorm
    10. Action Movies

  4. Been there; done cake? homemade? I remember those days...dont bake anymore because I eat everything I bake, but coffee cake is my favorite. I have been on a diet for a year now and only lost 45 lbs but cant complain, slow loser here....but cake and ice cream is my downfall. I dont keep it in the house but it seems to pop up all over...the office, other people's houses....right now I am at a stand still and those rainbow cookies that somehow got into my house are calling back to my bottle of seltzer....hang in there!

  5. Little Shop of Horrors is a CLASSIC!! "WHY SHORA SEYMOURA" LOVE IT! I miss flour filled goodness so much, enjoy the coffee cake for those of us who can't and if ppl see you got two pieces, just tell them one was for me that I couldn't have ;)

  6. Oh my goodness. I hear you on the diet thing. I actually went out of my way to try "Slow Carbs" and it's killing me. I've had such intense food/sugar cravings... It's driving me crazy. I do like that there's a binge day, though. I've got my day planned out around food on Saturday. LOL.

    Much Love,


  7. I could write an essay on my favorite things, but I think eating and sleeping pretty much sum it up!

  8. Hahahahahaha! Hide yo' cake!! I fecking LLLLLLUUURVE sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. I eat sauerkraut out of the jar. It sicks my husband out. Come to think of it, I like most everything on your list although I need to try a Banzai burger. I miss thunder and lightning something awful. I grew up in Florida where we had "storms" everyday. Now I live in this sunny hell hole that never has variations in weather or seasons. I don't mind too much, though. Good on ya' for the dieting. I admire you, seeing as it is candy season.

  9. Old enough? Um, yeah ;) I come here for the funny stuff and you always deliver. I feel your pain with the diet - Food and I are frenemies.

    Hang in there and give yourself a damn sandwich girl.

  10. I get all grumpy when I realize I've had dinner so I have no more eating to look forward to until morning. How's that for a life revolving around food? Sad, really.
    I love coffee cake. And chocolate. And chips and salsa and candy especially fuzzy peaches, and tiramisu, and thing that are in mousse form....... sigh.

  11. I'm with you on thunderstorms and sleeping in. I also love road trips, online shopping, and dessert in all forms. Love your blog! Glad we found each other.

  12. I agree Thunderstorms are the best!! We have one cooking as I type... only bummer is that my dog & 4 year old aren't fans...the bed can get crowded on stormy nights. Some other favorites include; Red Wine, Chinese Food, Line Dried Sheets, Vacation, Yoga, A Clean House, Reading (your blog!) & Nights that my husband makes dinner!