Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I wanna go outside and play!!!

Two things happened this weekend...

I got my closets and cabinets all cleaned out, all purged for the moving event!


Gavin got grounded three times.

Why three times? Well, that is my fault. I caved and let him go out after not serving his entire punishment for a few reasons.

First, I wanted him to shut up. When he is grounded, he hovers around me and nags constantly. I start to envision one of those shock collars for dogs, but instead of barking, it would zap Gavin for talking.

Secondly, I wanted my house to stay somewhat clean, and the less the children and my father are around, the longer it stays clean...giving me time to clean SOMETHING ELSE.

Anyway, this child managed to get himself grounded three times, and now I have to stick to it because his mouth is really pissing me off. This was the text I got yesterday when I told him he will be grounded all week:

"I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you"


The good part about him being grounded is that I can use him for manual labor. My dad is taking the first load of his stuff down to PA this weekend, my mom comes to visit and Andy gets home. Things are going to start to move pretty quickly from here.

The rest of my weekend consisted of trying on all my "skinny" clothes, to further motivate me to diet (starve) for California. I am really hungry. For Peanut Butter Eggs and Thanksgiving Dinner. (and always fondue, but that goes without saying.) I can't get past this certain number. It really is starting to make me mad. I have been hovering on the brink of breaking it for a week. I figure if I can be halfway decent this week and next, then I can have whatever I want next weekend when we go out to SF for the weekend. No children and no diets. Just fun, friends, food and wine. And mojitos. And martinis. And mimosas.

(You get the picture.)


  1. Oh my! 3 times! that beat Jakes record! lol I totally understand wantin to send them away so you can have some sane time to yourself.

  2. I also hover around a specific number that I can't seem to get below...
    You should try the Heart Institute 3 Day Diet.
    You eat - you are not hungry - 3 very specific meals a day, carefully proportioned. I have a thing about tuna though, so I still have to try it - but my mum has done it a few times and it works.
    You are guaranteed to lose 2kg and can lose up to 3 or 4kg. That's er.. *calculates* up to 6lbs or 7lbs!
    Also - because it's scientific and GOOD for you, you can do it once a month. It's only 3 days.
    I don't have the link (it's a piece of paper stuck to my fridge! to motivate!) I'm afraid... I can go look for it if you want. It might be on my piece of paper.

  3. I hovered around a number I wanted to break and then blew it and gained back way too much. I hate trying to loose weight.

  4. Lord. It scares me what I have to look forward to. I think I need a martini now. I also don't envy your packing and cleaning. Ew.

    PS) When is BlogHer? I think it runs into my vacay this summer but if not I'm game. We could walk in there and run that shit.

  5. I'm just finished moving and packing and now catching up on my blogging friend's stories. This is a great one ;-) 3 whole times you say ;-)