Thursday, October 28, 2010

Let me tell you why I hate Halloween...

The Offenders

It's not so much the candy part. Any holiday that involves eating, I am generally in favor of. But with Halloween, it comes with stipulations. And I am usually skeptical of anything that requires action on my part.

When you have children, they want to trick or treat. I enjoyed this as a child, carrying my sacks of candy home, munching happily along the way. Until I DID get home, and my parents confiscated it to search for razor blades in apples and suspicious tampering of wrappers. I don't think I ever met anyone that found an actual razor blade in a piece of fruit, but this was the guise my parents operated under. The next day, the candy had vanished in to a lazy susan, which was transported by armored car to my fathers work....never to be seen or heard from again.

When I had kids, the costumes became more expensive and the quality of loot went waaaayyy down. It becomes an annual fight to even choose a costume. After we spend an entire weekend looking at Walmart, Target, the PX and finally landing at the over-priced seasonal costume store...looking at EVERY single costume...Just when I am about to keel over from sons choose the same costume:

Last year, the little hooligans got me by telling me that their friend's mom wanted me to go with her to take the boys trick or treating. So I showed up at the house, where she told me it was wonderful that I said I would take HER THREE children trick or treating so she could stay at home and hand out candy!!! So I was stuck alone, taking 5 children around the neighborhood while she stayed in her toasty house. I bet she ate all the candy herself after we left. Kicked back with a glass of wine, and enjoyed the quiet.

Thats what I would've done.

So this year, we have bribed the kids to go have dinner and ice cream at Friendly's, or as I call it "BFF Friendly's." No trick or treating. Don't come to my house! "Keep on knockin', but you can't come in!"

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  1. Hey!! Thank you for stopping by my blog and the Mil Spouse Roundup today!!! I'm excited to follow your blog!! :-)

  2. Thanks for stopping by the Castle :) I appreciate the compliment.
    I love your story about Thanksgiving and Halloween. We too, have had our share of single Soldiers for Thanksgiving. It is a stressful time but so rewarding.
    Do what I did, borrow some long tables and folding chairs, throw a table cloth over and call it a dining table! It's not where you sit or what you eat, it's about being with others in the same situation. You're doing a fantastic thing!
    I agree, give the boys KP duty while you drink :)

  3. I blogged hoped over from BlogFrog. I am feeling a kindred spirit about Halloween with you. My parents did pretty much the same thing your parents did. I actually only went Trick or Treating 3 times, after all the razor blade scares. We went to Halloween parties instead of trick or treating.

    I really don't for Halloween all that much.

  4. SLM, Thanks for being my first comment!!! YAY! I look forward to chatting with you.

    Paula, I was able to borrow some tables and chairs from the Legion..great advice. Hope to see you around again!

    Jenny, You and I will be great friends! LOL. I am so glad Halloween is over and we can move on to the "real" holidays!

  5. Why those little... !!!
    I'd hate to be duped into T-or-T with 3 additional children.

  6. Jean, I love kids but love them less when I have to be responsible for them! I guess I am not very "neighborly." LOL