Friday, August 26, 2011

C'Mon, Irene!!!

Do we live in the path of the hurricane that is about to tear up the East Coast?

Sadly, no.

I like hurricanes. My husband thinks I am a dark soul for wishing there was a channel Luke the football channels, where you can show CNN, TWC, Msnbc all at the same time. I will be lying in bed all day Sunday, watching the carnage ensue.

To explain, my favorite movies happen to be ones that entail the destruction of earth. Watching natural disasters play out on tv is like a movie marathon. It's not that I wish harm to people, because I don't. It's simply amazing to watch, as are tornados. If given the chance, I would pay to go on a storm chasing trip in the Midwest. I'm lured by storms.

I tell Andy that I know this is the buildup to 2012, and he laughs at me. But things aren't exactly getting better this year, as far as natural catastrophes.

My husband is leaving this weekend for a month long PTSD treatment in TX. It's going to be difficult for me to have him leave but I know it's the best option for him. It's not an easy road when you have your husband leave all the time, and when they come home, they are different every time. But we all change and grow, don't we?

I haven't blogged much lately because I've had to do it on my phone. But in another week or two, my computer should be up and running and I will get back on the saddle.


  1. We were in the path. Pepco warned us this could be a multi-day outage. I bought flashlights, froze bottles of water. Nothing! I usually loose power if it rains too hard. I guess it is better to be over prepared than not.

  2. I'm curious what your thoughts are on 2012, since you mentioned it and all! I love watching the weather channels 'Storm Chasers' btw. xo