Monday, May 21, 2012

On the floor...again.

When you have two separate mornings that you wake up on a half-inflated air mattress, chances are that you need to lay off the bacon.

Or, in my case, dried mangos.

Sometime in the middle of the night, I woke up with an aching back, and realized that a second air mattress had bitten the dust.

Luckily, it was timed well, since I just recieved and assembled my guest bed yesterday, so I groggily moved myself, the new dog, my body pillow and my sound machine to the guest room, where I slept in an actual bed for the first time since April 3rd.

But the damage was done and I wasn't acclimated with the location of the toilet on that side of the house, nor did it contain any toilet paper, since my kids aren't here yet, so I still had to trek to the master bathroom for my 8 night time pee sessions. So I didn't sleep very well.

So, going backwards, yes, I got a new dog. I am a sucker for animals, specifically dogs. I really have wanted a small pygmy goat for years now, but Andy has squelched that notion after seeing on "Tori and Dean" how much they leave little pebble shits all over the place. I was slightly bored this weekend, so against my better judgement, I went in to Petsmart, knowing full-well I would walk out with an animal if I found one I liked.

It's too hard to live with no pets when you've had them since you were 10. It's harder than living without children or a husband. I always miss my dogs more than my human family.

So, there was this little Chihuahua-Poodle mix, which, I don't even know how they mated, as I thought Poodles were pretty big, but anyway, it created this little, wiry-haired creature that is smaller than a cat. I guess she is either a "Poohuahua or a Choodle". But she is adorable, because she looks old with her grayish hair, even though she is 7 months old. They'd had her in the shelter for 3 months. So I agreed to foster her and adopt next month, when it is free.

And I promptly bought her an outfit.

Because I've never had a dog small enough to wear clothing, nor one that would allow me to do it.

She's a needy little thing. She insists I bring her food where I am sitting, because she doesn't want to wander around on her own much yet. And I have to go sit outside so she can pee.

Anyway, she will make a fine addition to our household of vagabonds.

And it turns out I am a professional Ikea assembler. I got everything put together on the first go, not having to walk away from it before I broke something. It became a game, and, (dare I say it), I actually enjoyed doing it!

I have this pure white ottoman that I got. It has a slipcover on it, but it's bigger than I thought. So after ingesting way too much HGTV again this weekend, I am going to try my hand at decorating it. I don't know what with. Do they still make t-shirt puffy paint? Maybe dyeing the fabric, and then creating an "India" inspired look using colors in my living room? You can tell I am bored when I start creating things, since I get really frustrated when they don't turn out the way I intended to.

We shall see how this endeavor plays out. And if it looks cool, I will post pics. If it doesn't, I will probably still post pics.

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  1. Hey Keri,

    Glad to see you are acclimating well to the new surroundings. Welcome to the west, though you are slightly more westward than I. Love reading the blog, good to catch up with your goings on, in a bloggy-i'm-not-really-a-stalker-just-slightly-enthralled-with everyone-else's-life-more-than-my-own, kinda way!