Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's official!

I've let all the family know, so I can release it to the public...

I'm moving to California!

Very, very soon. And by myself.

We have to wait for my husband's medical board to wrap up, and it could be several months, but since the first month or two is no pay, we figure that it's best if I go first, start my new job and find a house, so that it makes the transition easier overall.

I'm a little scared.

I have never lived alone before.

I had 6 months at college, but I had roomates. So, other than living with my parents, I have only lived with my husband and kids, one of which was born before we lived together.

At 32, I am regressing back to fulfill the early twenties stage of going out in to the world alone. I think I was more brave at 20...still unaffected by all the craziness the universe can throw at you. Now I know there is a lot more to worry about.

Will I like my new job? Will they like me? Will I be able to rely on my GPS, without having it recalculate and make me totally lost?

And I have to drive cross-country alone, and live in an empty house, other than my clothes, tons of shoes and a lonely air mattress for 4-6 months. I have an irrational fear that I won't get all my stuff somehow.

But it's the best option I have at the moment, and being with my best friends will be awesome. I even like their friends that I have met on visits out there.

And it gives my husband a chance to manage work and the kids and animals all by himself. I love that he will be my "house husband" once he gets out. He is so much better at domestics than I am.

So I have a week and a half until I go out there for a week, to meet my coworkers, find a house and celebrate. And then I come home for 3 days, and turn around to drive out there.

I have to download Tom Petty's "Free Fallin" to my Ipod, because that is what I am doing. Taking a giant leap, and landing where I am.


  1. I LOOOOOOVED living alone. The dishes? Stay clean. The towels? Stay hung up. It was awesome. :)

  2. Haha.. For Keri - The dishes would stay dirty, the laundry would stay on the floor, towels, what towels?!... I can picture it now! haha - JUST KIDDING!! :)

  3. I'm 32, too, and I went straight from my parents' house to college to marriage and, even though my husband and I have been stationed all around the world, I think I'd feel exactly the same way you do in your position. Living alone? Intimidating! Exciting! Enjoy the adventure though, and --


  4. Your gonna be fine kid. The best is yet to come

  5. This is a new journey, it is perfectly normal to feel all the emotions of change and comfort.

    Now, while driving across country, you get to see different towns, perhaps meet new people as you stop at road side cafe's for something to eat. Embrace the scenery that is before you.

    Take pictures! Then if you want you could do a scrapbook of your travel journey, something that you can reflect on and smile.

    Yes, there is a lot on your plate, but if you could pick one thing to focus on this week and each week thereafter, it does make the feeling of "I have so much to do and I don't know where to begin" feeling dissipate because you are taking steps one at a time.