Thursday, March 22, 2012

Waking up in the Bay...

It's 8am here in San Francisco.

And I'm wide awake. Which is good, since I want to get back on a working schedule.
I loved waking up to the sounds of a city.

Despite having several delays and being rebooked on another airline, I had a mostly uneventful day.

I flew first class, as I had an upgrade, and's going to be rough going backwards after that. Plenty of room, tons of food, and swag. I loved it.


  1. Lucky you! My favorite city. Here's to the start of a new, happy adventure.

  2. I'm your newest follower - I was raised in San Francisco and lived my whole life within a 30 mile radius of SF. Just moved up north 3 years ago. I wish you good luck. It's a awesome place - the whole bay area especially down the Peninsula and the Silicon Valley. There is electricity in the air. You can feel it. Only issue I have is it's too doggone expensive for my blood. My son pays $1250 a month for a studio and they are anti-military.

    I also want to say, Thank you for your husband's service and your sacrifice. My husband served 20 years and is retired.