Saturday, March 31, 2012

Here I go again, on my own...

I left you guys hanging for the past two weeks.

It's been busy.

I went out to SF and had my first gay club experience. I picked up some gay guys. It was as fun as picking up straight men, except you don't have to worry about putting out in the end!!!

I ended up with a bunch of texts the next morning, some from those I remembered, some I did not. In any case, I had the most fun ever in my life at a gay bar. I suggest you definitely try it. When a straight guy tells you you are hot, they are trying to get in your pants. When a gay man tells you that, you might as well have been scouted to model by Vogue.

In any case, I have a house. It's mostly going to be empty until my family moves out, but that's okay. I have enough stuff to get by.

Tomorrow, I leave. Today is my sons birthday, when the bad stuff started with my husband. The irony of the timing is not lost on me.

It took me a full year to come back to myself out of a deep depression, and come back to myself and take direction of my own life.

But I'm there and I'm doing it.

I will keep you posted as I make my solo journey across the US. It's like Sacajawea...which by the way, autotype actually picked up and filled in while I was typing.

Later NY. You've given me nothing but grief.

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  1. Well done. Glad that you had fun. I hope this will be a good year for you!