Thursday, August 9, 2012

I am laughing so hard at this....

This Gotye song is so easy to make in to a parody.

First Verse:

Now I think of back before I was a hooker

Right before I would get on the pole before a show

I told myself you’ll only do this once

Its extra dough to pay the rent this month

but that was then and I was young, and dumb and limber

(Skip second verse, because I am too lazy to write one.)

But you didn’t have to sell me out
Told the cops that you weren’t paying for a hand job or nothing
Didn’t even post my bail
But you come knocking at my door the next day for tail
You didn’t have to get that low
You told your friends that since I caught VD it would be over
I guess that I don’t need your dough
Now you’re just somebody when I used to “ho”

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