Friday, October 5, 2012

Car accidents; Why not to trust people

So last Monday, I got in a car accident. While I was approaching an upcoming red light, an SUV tried to swerve around me, and I didn't let him in front of me. So he ended up directly behind me at the red light. All of a sudden, "BAM", he hits the back of my car, and we were at a dead stop!!! I am pretty sure at this point, something along the lines of, "You have GOT to be Fucking KIDDING me!" came out of my mouth. I had to get back home to work, and so I was in a hurry, no one was injured, so I didn't see the need to get the cops called. The guy didn't have an insurance card with him, and giving him the benefit of the doubt, I took the rest of his contact info and vehicle info. The estimate came in higher than the deductible, so this guy says he can fix it on his own for cheaper. Every day, he emails us and makes excuses, and finally we asked for all his insurance info because he said he already called his insurance company and we would be hearing from him, and yet he won't give us the insurance info. So I had to file a claim this morning since this dude has wasted two weeks of our time, and his response was, "Good luck proving I caused the accident. My wife was in the car, and you put your car in reverse and hit us." Seriously? You're a moron, and here is why... 1. We have two weeks worth of texts which clearly you accept responsibility for the accident being your fault in writing. 2. There is a camera at that intersection. 3. Your wife was NOT in the car with you, so keep purgering yourself. Why are people so dumb??? He's gonna have fun when it comes back that he has no insurance and then I get to call the cops. RETARDS. And I include myself in that, because it was retarded for me to not just file a claim in the first place and call the cops. Lesson learned.


  1. It is hard to trust people these days because of stories like this one. He probably doesn't have insurance or has a lot of points already. (lol) Hopefully, everything gets cleared up soon for you!

  2. I'm not sure how different CA law is to FL law, but as far as what our officers instruct everyone in an accident: always, ALWAYS call the police to file a claim unless you are able to get 100% of the person's insurance info. In Florida, once you drive away (unless it's a hit and run of course, in which case, you still have to stay on scene and call it in as a hit and run), you have entered into a civil agreement with that person. Once you have done so, it is taken out of the realm of law enforcement and put completely in the realm of civil law. Our officers can give people a "short" car accident form after they have driven away from the scene and entered into that civil agreement, but can't actually file a report. You may be able to get him on his insurance issues, but that won't help you out much anyway.

    Lesson learned, I'm sure.

    I see it a lot as a dispatcher. People call up saying they exchanged info and the other party is now giving them the "payment" run around. Unfortunately, we have to tell them that their only option is to enter into a legal suit. Also a lot of people who move their vehicle after a hit and run and can't have a report done because they have left and damaged the "crime" scene.

    BUT CA law might be different. Worth looking into! Just wanted to give you my two cents from the experience I've had.

  3. Don’t leave a crime or an accident scene without any police in the picture! It’s hard to trust anybody nowadays, and this should serve as a lesson for you. Neglecting to follow protocol can already be taken against you. I just hope that everything will be settled and you’ll be compensated accordingly.

    -Ronna Erb

  4. I know how frustrating this situation was. Be that as it may, it’s never a good thing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt in an accident. But it’s a good thing that he gave you his contact info, so you can track him down easier to prove that he’s running away from his responsibility. May I know how this issue was resolved?

    Nannie Leick