Sunday, October 28, 2012

This has been one busy week!

I can't even remember my last post, it seems that long ago.

I started my new job this week, which includes a two hour(+/-) commute each way to get in to San Mateo. Despite not being home to snack, I think I actually gained weight, because to mask the fact we worked over our lunch break, they bring in food for us, which is enough of a distraction tactic for me that it's successful. Nevertheless, it's deli sandwiches, salad, chips and cookies. So it's not like it's fast food.

I am loving my new job, and the potential that it has for me. It's kind of odd, though, as my boss started the same day as me, leaving us equally clueless. I have to go in the office for the first month, until I am legitimately acclimated and then I only have to go in the office once a week. I am working from home tomorrow, and hope to be able to do that one day a week, to kind of "wean" it in.

This hurricane is kind of facinating. I get this awesome hurricane coverage and then in a week, election day. And last night I heard there was a 7.7 earthquake in British Columbia, Canada...unfortunately, in the middle of no where.'s only gonna get worse.

Meanwhile, here in Cali, the sun is shining and nothing is going on.

Except my child arguing that he shouldn't be grounded "for no reason", when he's grounded because he never shuts up.

Good Grief.

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