Friday, November 2, 2012

Just when you think it's all good, someone bitch-slaps you.

Son of a f#Ck!

Due to the PTSD/Brain Damaged poor choices of someone I know...
Now I don't get an unholy Christmas vacation next month. I am really effing pissed. It's been a year and a half, and I get slammed between Thanksgiving and Christmas.Vegas was laid to rest an hour ago when I canceled my reservations.

And I have to rush my poor dad out of his house and inconvenience my sisters and brother in law to help pack my dad up so he can move out here, because Andy may be going to treatment out of state for an undetermined amount of time. So I need help watching the kids, since Gavin is in Cross-Country and my commute is from hell, keeping me from getting home until usually 7:30pm. And then I found out I could've made like $30k more at this job. I shouldn't complain...$30k is nothing in comparison to what I wanted vs. what I got.

Do you realize, I haven't gone to a grocery store since Andy moved out here? I have to go this weekend. He packs the kids lunches and everything.

(Sidenote to my bitching)I love hearing people who work at my company describe our software products in terms like, "it has a sexy dashboard", or "this is a sexy company". LOL. SEXY. Not one of the sexy folks. Not today. I bought black skinny jeans, or, as we used to call them,"painted on" jeans. But they're from Lane Bryant, so they can't, in all seriousness be referred to as "skinny" anything. They're like leggings with pockets and actually, I think they're more comfy than my pajama pants, but for the sag in the crotch/rear-end area. I guess you should buy small. So fat Keri, in black skinny jeans, a tank and a cropped sweater. Why do I feel like 1987 creeped back in?

I also had to laugh today when I posted something on FB to a friend's wall, and then realized I could look at the history of our postings since I joined the FB in 2008. It's pretty hilarious, and proves that it's good we have both sought psychotropic assistance.

Speaking of "assistance"...sometimes I just think about getting a medical marijuana card and saying eff it, and eat a whole bunch of Girl Scout cookies and laughing for a weekend. Three Valium and a muscle relaxer does next to nothing for my anxiety anymore, and drinking gives me hangovers.

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  1. Sorry to hear what you are going through Keri. I am definitely investing in "medical marijuana" I don't smoke it although the stock will never drop. Stay strong kid