Friday, November 16, 2012

Women Who Defend Dumb Men

O to the M, to the mother fucking G!

First, read this bullshit:

Yes, I am blogging twice in one day.

This bitch is crazy. Like, so crazy, I want someone to hold my "err-ings" so that I can beat her down, ATL/Oakland style.

Firstly, some women have time to put lots of energy in to their looks. Maybe they don't work. Maybe they have no children. Maybe they have good genes. Maybe they have lots of money.

But there is NO EXCUSE for a man to cheat, and for it to be justified because his wife "let herself go". As far as I can see, the woman he cheated on was LESS attractive than his wife, as is the case with most men.

If my husband thinks he could land Jennifer Anniston, then child, let him try, and I would congratulate him on his new life with her. But the fact is, men go bald, go deaf and get fat too, and I don't hear men telling each other they need to glam it up to keep their wives.

This woman was a military wife for almost 40 years. That is like 100 years in real life. Being a military wife is more stressful than being a non-military wife. She spent that time largely raising their children alone, while having to serve the military as a Commanders wife, a Colonel's wife, and finally a General's wife. You idiots who have nothing to do with the military would have no idea that at a Captains level, there are many things expected of you as the wife.

Being in a marriage is being in a commitment. It's being a companion and a friend. It's being a partner is all life's good and bad. It's NOT about superficiality and appearance. Anyone who has had rampant diahrhea and given birth should know you can't always look perfect. And this poor woman is having to suffer the entire humiliating event in public and in the media.

SO EFF YOU, crazy ho who wrote this blog post. I hope your husband cheats on you with someone who is uglier than you, so you can take your own advice and let her have him.
Because it doesn't come down to how you look. It comes down to who you are.


  1. Hi Keri,

    There are a lot of women out there that are insecure about who they are so they justify the behavior of men because they don't have the confidence to stand on with their own convictions. I don't believe in cheating. It is not my thing. I agree with you that men change as well. I have to remind my military husband of that as well that he is not as thin, good looking and funny as he was before so I can trade him in for a new model as well if he does not get his attitude in check. It is hard for a civilian spouse to understand the commitment that a military spouse has to have to family, country and a man.

  2. No, Keri, you hold my earrings, girl, 'cos me an' her's gon' go at it!