Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chapter 328: In which I dream I was a character in a Tyler Perry movie

I've been watching a lot of BET lately. I've also enjoyed the Tyler Perry movie selections available on pay per view.

Black families are hilarious, and far more entertaining than any family event I have ever attended. They are not afraid to whoop some sense into their kids, the neighborhoods are closer and look out for each other, and they seem like they back each other up.

I think I would enjoy church a lot more if I went to a southern baptist church, where everyone wore big hats and pastels, and they got up and danced to the gospel choir and the whole room was alive and on fire. That's real praise and worship. White people are way too afraid of themselves to be that free and uninhibited.

It's also acceptable to have curves in the world of Tyler Perry.
Have you seen Ali Lohan???? She looks like a skeleton. It's disgusting. I am a size 14 now, and I would be fine at this weight for the rest of my life. I am proportionate, curvy and sexy as hell.

I miss the warmth of the southern people and the close family atmosphere they have. It brings a piece of the south to me when I watch these movies, and makes me crave the soul feeding that the cold north is missing.


  1. We're at Benning and have an extra bedroom, you're more than welcome anytime! serious! p.s. I came back to tell you that I too have watched all Tyler Perry movies, and enjoyed despite how much people made fun of me.. p.p.s I came back to tell you my captcha code is Foolymo what up yo?