Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ultimate fajita dip= 1, Keri=0

Not working brings it's avoiding eating a bunch of crap while I am home.

So far, it's not so easy.

I want to keep the fifty pounds I lost, off permanently, and maybe lose another 50. I've found that men don't appreciate heft in a woman, although if I were a man, I would certainly prefer snuggling up to something with a little squish to it.

I look at guys who body build, and am immediately disgusted by huge muscles. Don't get me wrong, I like tone and definition. But when I see a man with huge, veiny muscles, I find myself wanting to bite them. To see how long it would take to get them to say, "ouch!"

I also want to shower them, since they think coating themselves in baby oil makes them look tougher. I would imagine it as a weakness if they were to actually fight, being all greased up. If you are going to have muscles, you should be forced to cage fight, otherwise, it's really just a waste. We should also get to see their penises, because if you have a shriveled, steroid-shrunken penis, it makes any muscles null and void.

Anyway, yesterday, I made a delectable treat that I like to call "ultimate fajita dip", which consists of a bowl filled with one part guacamole, one container of sour cream, sauteed onions and peppers, and chicken cooked in taco seasoning. Then I scoop it up and eat it with multigrain tortilla chips.

It's just about the most happy moment of my life when I eat it.

Yes....happier than my wedding day AND the birth of my children, both put together. It's like what I would imagine heaven would consist of.

Then it's followed by guilt, shame, and self-loathing...similar to a one night stand, or so I'm told it should feel like. Funny that random sex shouldn't evoke those feelings in me, yet compulsive overeating does.


  1. I like how you eat the dip with multigrain tortilla chips. It's like ordering a diet coke at McDonalds.

  2. Haha, I was just going to say that. Or like me, ordering the non-fat super skinny latte and then eating all the whipped cream off my hubby's drink :)

  3. I have been known to buy a candy bar and a diet coke, but hey, every little bit helps! LOL

  4. The multigrain chips were strictly chosen based on taste, not caloric value.

  5. We can totally understand though because that dip sounds irresistable! : ).. Yummy. I am sure that we would all be right there with ya! I am sooo going to try it.

  6. That sounds effing DELISH. It's all up my ally, but I prefer regular corn tortilla chips, I'm convinced I'm addicted to anything corn related, especially chips and tortillas. And for the record, you're human... I feel guilty when I over indulge as well, buuuut it happens and it feels damn good at the time. You'll keep the weight off, forgive yourself and move on!