Thursday, June 14, 2012

What is it about the city?

I've been job searching.

The one I had turned out to be a load of crap. Not the job itself, as that was perfect. Bit I worked for an idiot.

So I've had about 30 interviews, either phone or in person this week. I don't mind the interviews because really, it's quite simple. I have an excellent background and I am who I am. At my age, I'm comfortable enough in my own skin to be myself, and confident enough to know that an employer would be lucky to add me.

But, there never seems to be a perfect job.

Either there is a long commute, not enough money or retarded people.

The trifecta of employment woes.

I have a good offer on the table, but it's for a large company that likes uniformity.

As we all know, I don't blend in to the wallpaper.

I have some others that are promising, but it's hard to decide. Thankfully, I moved to a place where my skills are in demand. It's the choosing that always gets me.

In other news, my husband bought socks for our Choodle. And a pool. I'm not kidding.

I was a little amused and I think I lost some respect for manhood.

If he buys a "murse" and starts carrying it around, I may leave him.

And finally, my furniture and all my stuff arrives tomorrow!!! Stuff makes me happy. I won't lie. I'm slightly shallow. I just want my bed and my tv.

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