Sunday, June 3, 2012

My body is sore as hell.

So, one of bf's, Val, came out for the weekend.

We had so much fun.

Friday night, we went and had dinner. Afterwards, we decided to just get lost trying to find out if there was a downtown/nightlife district of Brentwood.

We found out there really isn't, although, we found a mexican restaurant that looks worth a shot, and a cute restaurant/bar with outdoor space. Then we got lost.

I casually mentioned to Val that this gas station we passed looked like it had the "Turkey Hill" logo on it, and she yelled, "STOP!!! GO BACK! IF THEY HAVE THAT LOGO, THEY SELL Turkey Hill!!!"

So I pulled a U-turn, and went back. We were pretty upset when they didn't have the original flavors, and left. When this happened, I forgot to turn my headlights back on.

So, we get about a block down the road, and a cop has someone pulled over, and he stopped and shined his flashlight on me. I didn't know if that meant I was supposed to pull over or what. So, I kept going. I realized it was my headlights that were off, and flipped them on. But it was too late. Another cop car trailed me and pulled me over. The problem was, that Val and I couldn't stop laughing! I didn't even care that they pulled me over, because I knew I wouldn't get a ticket, and it was hilarious. So, of course, I explained we were lost, and frustrated, so the officer gave me (wrong) directions to get home, and off we went.

Then yesterday, we went shopping to this great outdoor mall called, "The Streets of Brentwood". The only thing they were missing was some sort of shaded area that you could sit and listen to live music and drink a refreshing alcoholic beverage in the courtyard. They had a lot of great stores, but several things pissed me off.

First, Bath and Body Works has got to get back some of their original scents for body wash. They all smell the same, and too sweet. I like the handsoaps scents better than the body wash! So I had to pay more money to buy the premium stuff.

Secondly, barely any of the stores carried an XL, and they all ran small. So I want to know where the hell all these XS or XXS people are, because it looked like their sweaters and shirts were still pretty unsold. If they want to sell clothes, then sell them in the sizes that people actually wear!

It was a great weekend, and I am so tired and sore after all the walking we did, that I will collapse tonight. This week is going to go so fast!


  1. We have also seen the NEW Turkey Hill Logo, which is identical to Krogers new logo... Our guess is that Kroger and Turkey Hill have merged! If you go to Turkey Hill's website, you can search for close shops who sell their products!

    Looks like a QuikStop on Walnut Blvd in Brentwood sells drinks!

    When we lived in Salem - Several places carried their ice cream :)

  2. Agree whole heartedly in re: to the B & BW changes... will add to this with my own rant: WTF??? Why is it that everytime they have a product I LOVE, they discontinue it? Every. freaking. time...