Friday, July 13, 2012

"oh no, I've said too much...I haven't said enough."

Those are lyrics from REM's "Losing my religion" song.

It fits perfectly, since I was contacted by the Steve Harvey talks show about appearing on a segment about sharing TMI on social media.

I declined to appear on the show because I feel that it would serve to reinforce their point.

I don't believe in status update arguments, especially involving child custody disputes or disseminating harmful information. Do I love reading people's online arguments? Hell to the yes. But that's the Jerry Springer side of me. Lol. But I don't believe in taking a private argument that could harm someone, public in detail.

I started my blog to lend support to other military spouses or family members, and to talk realistically about what it's like to live that lifestyle, because it is unique and surrounded by isolation. There are many things that are misconceived and many things that are not discussed that should be.

It morphed into my personal story when I experienced something that changed my life and was a struggle, to document and share that you can go through the lowest of times but you will get through it, and advocating talk therapy. Once your secret is public, even with close friends or family members, it's not just your pain anymore. Can it be embarrassing? Absolutely. But everyone fucks up. It's what you do afterwards that defines who you are.

I would live to share more about my life than I do, but, I don't give details of my family members lives or their struggles, because it's not my story to tell. I'm just a supporting character.

Will potential employers see my blog? Yeah, if they google me. But other than the fact I swear like a sailor and have opinions, it doesn't expose me as someone harmful. If anything, it shows that I am an open communicator and a smart, witty and strong individual who can overcome hardships.

Will my children read this one day? Perhaps. Right now I monitor their Internet usage carefully, and when they get a little older, there are some family discussions that will take place. But my kids know me as a person, so it should come as no surprise. They know I went through a tough time. They aren't idiots.

What's the difference between blogging and writing an autobiography? Nothing. Except making $. And one day, I will write a book that spills lots of beans. But not under my real identity. Because I'm not an idiot. Lol.

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  1. I love to read long threads that are arguments! I used to get into them but not anymore. It isn't worth the emotions, time or energy. BUT, they are fun to read. Some people take things way too seriously!