Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hurry up and wait...

The past few weeks have brought a lot of boring days and a lot of busy ones.
Unfortunately, it's not the scenario I anticipated, with my family getting out here, since I lost my job, and the fact school starts July 31.

And, the VA closed Andys claim, so now we have to reopen it and start that mess again, when we were expecting that income to start soon.

Always something with the government.

Still, I am plugging along with my job search and I think I have some potentials. I will feel better going back to work again, since I'm geared up and ready to go.

Other than that, things have been quiet on the home front. We seem to have switched roles, and I get up early and they all sleep til noon. So I have some quiet time to myself, which is always nice.

We went back to school shopping in the city, which I wasn't prepared to do this soon, but with this year round school, we had no choice. I just hope the kids like their new school and make friends, because we aren't moving again.

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  1. You are so right always something with the government, I'm hoping to get back to work as well it will keep me sane *fingers crossed*