Friday, September 21, 2012

Things I Covet, which, I believe is against one of the Ten Commandments

Of all the things that God/Goddess could grind in to stone...why can't you want things that other people have???

I had a list of things I have wanted for years, and I've mostly exhausted them. It's really a sad statement of your own creativity when a front-load washer and dryer is on that list. But here are things that I would like to have before 2012 ends, or before we all die from solar storms.

A boat that is big enough to take out friends and my dogs for the day. I am surrounded by water and have no craft to go out on it! In fact, I like to sit in the front of the boat and let the wind blow my "fur" back. (I have an immense afro when activated by moisture.)

A job at I love this awesome app. It's so useful to go to one source and be able to reach so many people at one time. As a multi-tasker, it saves time and keeps contacts organized. And it's easier than sending things out to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and my IM's all individually.

A funfetti cupcake...which I know I am getting tonight since my friend is bringing them over, along with a homemade lasagna....and going to spend the next 24 hours lounging and watching salacious Lifetime Movies in PJ's.

A Sandra Cadavid handbag. They are gorgeous and I love supporting new businesses.

A new iPhone. I don't care if it's a 5 or not. But I dropped mine in a gin and tonic (true story) and now the speaker sounds weird. And...I didn't get the handset insurance through some fluke and didn't notice until I tried to use the handset insurance.

A vacation home somewhere warm and foreign. I don't care if I can speak the language or not. I can learn. Besides, pointing is very helpful in these situations. It's universal, as is a smile. ;)

A trip home to PA. I miss shoofly pie, Turkey Hill Iced Tea, my grandparents and my niece. In that order.

A cloudy/rainy Saturday or Sunday. Seriously, I knew California was sunny...but this is for the birds! The sun drains the hell out of me and it's never even overcast!

A publishing deal for my book, and to finish my book. But it's so hard to write when you're just uninspired for the day.

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