Thursday, September 20, 2012

Waiting and waiting and waiting...

I am not happy at the moment. I can't talk about anything exciting or irritating at the moment. My lips are sealed, and keeping a good secret or rant is hard for me. AND I WANT TO RANT!!!!!!!!! But that's all a part of having a public life. You never know who is reading. I had to laugh this week, because Andy's bartering has continued. He managed to trade a mega-watt searchlight for $1300 in store credit at a place called, "Man Cave Consignments". So he got two paintballs guns, which I am not really pleased about, and left the rest to be determined. And his truck that he got, he finally realized he was in over his head and is either selling it, or trading it for a Jeep Cherokee that actually runs. The eventual hope is that he can trade that for a boat to work on. He kills me. But at least he's busy and occupied. I've been trying to find up and coming designers to feature on my other blog. I've also been looking at print magazines to try to get some entries added to my list of publications for my portfolio. I submitted a chapter of my book to one of them, but haven't heard back yet. It looks like it's going to be another boring weekend. But I have to just suffer through it until I get where I want to be financially. I've learned enough over the years about trying to save money, and I want to be secure, now that I have little debt. Just my car payment.

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  1. Believe me - I hate waiting and waiting and waiting too! :)

    But at least the adventures of Andy are starting to pay off!!