Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Social Gatherings: Army Style

There are a certain number of events that are quite common in the military community.

Probably the most common is the FRG Meeting. It is also the most dreaded.
FRG (Family Readiness Group): These are the wives/spouses of the soldiers in the unit. Often lead by the Company Commander or First Sgt’s wife. The meetings are usually about an hour in length. They may or may not put out a training calendar, so you know when your soldier will be home, in the field or gone away on training, as well as the days off or DONSA’s. These groups usually have children everywhere, not listening and running around. Sometimes there are potluck meals provided. There is planning of any unit events or holiday parties, in which each family signs up to bring a dish. There may be special information, as in pre-deployment, given out by the commander at these meetings. They also plan events, like Baking Cookies for the single soldiers for holidays.

Hails and Farewells: Only some of the unit’s do these with any regularity. These are parties, usually at a bar or restaurant, to welcome or say goodbye to a soldier who is moving. I have NEVER seen it done to welcome an incoming family. These are usually fun. Probably because there is drinking.

Military Balls: Some people enjoy them, others hate them. Think of a prom, but more protocol. Although I have seen people wear everything imaginable to these, the dress is formal. I have worn both short formal and long formal. Yes, some people get their hair done, but no, most people don’t wear flowers. There are usually photographers there to pose you in a Prom-like pose for a fee, and there is a reception held an hour beforehand. There is often a Memorial for Fallen Soldiers given, and many toasts (remain standing other than the toast “To the Ladies”. There is often a “Grogbowl” Ceremony, which you have to see to believe, and then a Chaplain’s prayer and Keynote Speaker Address. Somewhere in here, you actually are served your dinner. The formal part of the ball usually lasts about 3-4 hours, and then everyone can dance and cut loose. There are assigned seats.

Word of Warning:
I am all for RELIGIOUS freedom, however, at military functions YOU WILL BE present when they play the National Anthem. When you see the American Flag, FACE IT and keep facing it until you don’t see it anymore. When they start playing the National Anthem, your soldier will salute. YOU WILL PUT YOUR RIGHT HAND OVER YOUR HEART and keep it there until the soldiers are done saluting the flag. Don’t embarrass your husband by not doing this, or your kindergarten teacher who already taught you.

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  1. Hi Keri, I am Odie Langley and understand you are following my blog and I appreciate you stopping by. My unique problem is that I don't really do anything on blogfrog and mine is on blogspot so I don't really know how to effectively follow you. Maybe you can help me overcome this problem. My email address is at work. odie@qualityofficeequipmentinc.com I was in the Army 1967-1970 and spent 19 months in Viet Nam. I work for a man that is in the National Guard and has been there for almost 40 years and is a Command Sgt Major and serves at Ft. Bragg. I hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Hi Odie! I saw you found how to become a follower on Google. Thanks for reading, and thank you for your service to our country!

  3. I just went to my first Cavalry Ball with my boyfriend at Fort Drum and I loved it! I loved the whole military environment and of course...seeing the guys in uniform! ;)

  4. You are hilarious...I especially love your previous post about the "jeggings"! Followed you over here from Blog Frog...glad I did, too!

  5. Love your blog, and thanks for finding me on Blog Frog! Thanks for giving us a glimpse of FRG meetings and other events. Looking forward to reading more!

  6. Yikes.... I'm an "old school" army wife.... things have certainly changed, and for the better! I'll follow you, and thanks for the peek into today's army wife's life.