Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rest-less Me

Well, my in laws came this weekend and I was exhausted. I picked up some kind of sinus infection Friday, so by the time they got here Friday night and we went to eat dinner, it was about 9:30pm. I get up at at the crack of dawn as it is, so I was pretty tired. Not to mention, I decided to try on the smallest pair of pants I had while we were waiting, and THEY FIT!!! Just a tiny bit snug. But I figured it would be good motivation to keep me in check at the restaurant because it would be horribly uncomfortable if I ate too much. So, I wore them.

I am a complete and utter moron.

Of course I am going to eat when you take me to a restaurant that has bread shoved in my face when I walk through the door!!! (Or when it’s within an unrestricted reach) Duh. I can’t resist buttery buns and steak and deep fried pickles! Plus the 3 sweet teas I pounded to get it all down. My jeans were going to explode. All I could think about was how I wanted to get in to a horizontal position and unbutton my pants, while Andy took off my shoes. I don’t know how I made it in to the car, but then Andy’s stepmom wanted us to just go back to their hotel room instead of going to our house. FOR THE LOVE OF SAM!!!!

The whole time we were driving back, I was making silent promises of how I would repay God if he kept me from passing out from the pain. Andy and I quickly devised a plan by using clever hand signals and a series of clucks. He would pretend to fall asleep after 10 minutes, giving us an exit strategy.

It would’ve went well, except it took forever for them to notice he fell asleep!! I almost had to throw a box of tissues to get their attention. But we finally got out of there and I went home to peel off my jeans. Ok, Andy had to help…and not in a scenario HE would have liked!

Saturday we stayed busy running errands, and I scored some new coffee mugs from Pier One, as well as a nifty set of candle holders and a wall decoration. Getting stuff always makes me feel happy. Until I am just ready to go home and relax, which after about 3 hours, I was. So we ate dinner, and I cracked open a bottle of wine. When they finally left for the night, I was so exhausted and I immediately went for the bed. I stayed there for the next 23 hours, which was apparently not enough to knock the sick out of me because I am exhausted, sick, nauseous and I can’t breathe right out of my nose, unless I wear a breathe-right strip, and lean to my left with my right arm up in the air. It’s like trying to tune an old television with rabbit ears! I guess I need to take more vitamins because I have been getting sick every few months. Maybe I am just sick of NY.

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  1. ha! loved your coming up with a plan and signals to leave, my husband & i so do this too!

  2. It wasn't as successful as I had hoped! I think Andy was really falling asleep and the plan was just his excuse! LOL

  3. Glad you found a way to get some enjoyment

  4. Yummmm! Steak sounds so freakin tasty! And I love carbs... and starch =\ Sometimes, I wish the whole baggy jean fad would come back. I used to be so comfortable in high school! lol.

  5. I preferred the sweatpants look when I was pregnant, TB.

    Do you guys know that the google search terms, " buffet meal a" brought someone to my blog?? That might be the best thing I've ever seen.