Thursday, January 27, 2011

2011 Blizzard Bloghop

Okay, I'll bite....

If you are out touring around the Milspouse Bloggie World, welcome to mine!

Take a peek around, read some of the posts and pages.

Something good to read would be About Me

If you like me, come back and hang out sometime.
And don't forget to comment and leave your site!

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  1. Newest follower- Found you on Blogfrog and bit. I hope all is well but I didn't see a subscribe button so I can remember to come back. I am following you.

    All my best,


  2. Just popping in to say hi, found you on the blog hop. By the way, like the list of soon-to-go places.

  3. Love this, maybe I can be your "people" and you can be my "people" so we can make this writing gig happen! You're a saint for living with all males, ones enough for me. xo

  4. Hi there, longtime reader, first-time Anyways, thanks for writing, you make me giggle.

  5. Hi! My blog is not about being a military wife, but my hubby was active duty for the first 4 years of our marriage and has been National Guard for the last 9 years. does that count? :)
    I'm at:

    I really enjoy your snarky sense of humor and feel the same way you do about the whole being nice vs. my badass self, which coexist more or less peacefully (and guilt free) in my brain! ;)