Friday, January 28, 2011

Home is Where the Heart Is...kind of.

An update on my "Situation":
I went back to the dentist yesterday afternoon, after I was pushed to the point that I "yelled" obscenities at my facebook status because of my pain level. He did shove more of that nasty gauze down the hole, but it does feel better now. He also refilled the Motrin and the Perc's. ;)
I'm using them sparingly because they make me feel itchy, like a crackhead. Also because when Andy had his vasectomy 11 years ago, he was on them for a month and starting repeating himself I know they are pretty potent.

Andy and I are going to PA tonight by ourselves, but it's not a fun trip. I wrote a post last week about organ donation, inspired by one of my best friends mothers who was suffering from liver failure and needed a donor. Unfortunately, she passed away last Friday, so we are going home to attend her funeral and to be there for my friend. Even more reason to get out and do something to help someone else.

I am a horrible smart-ass. (gasp, followed by shock and awe)
I make fun of people sometimes and enjoy it. Okay, I make fun of people A LOT and enjoy it. But I don't target those who genuinely have a problem...I'm not a total jerk. I usually make fun of stupid people who should know better. In spite of my mean girl-ness, I am a really super nice person. I try to avoid confrontation, mostly because if I ever did have to throw it down, I would seriously hurt someone. (Hold my errings.)I am not opposed to physical violence...ask my younger sisters how I used to beat the crap out of them growing up. But people who know me really well always say I am "too nice" and I let people have too many chances. Because I make so many snide remarks and mean commentary, I feel like I have to do nice things for people that are less fortunate. So I volunteer when I can, go on shopping sprees for the local Food Pantry, and I have even paid for a strangers gas when their credit cards was declined. I figure that even though life sucks ass sometimes, I have it pretty damn good and with that, a responsibility to pay it forward. That is probably the ONLY reason I sleep at night. That and the Percs.

Anyway, this weekend I am spending time at my sisters house. She just turned 30 and has 3 foster kids. I love watching her direct the chaos of having kids. I can't help it. It makes me smile. I love the kids, and I get to spoil them rotten by getting them a slime-making kit. I figure I should spend as much time with them as I can before we move far away. I am also looking forward to some PA Dutch cooking and the delicious things I can't find anywhere else. I will probably gain 10 lbs being home (just driving in to Lancaster County adds 5) and then I will have to starvation diet for the next 3 weeks to fit in my new Victoria's Secret Miracle Bathing Suit for my vacation to St Lucia-where I just found out I can take my laptop because it has Wifi, and post pictures to make you all insanely jealous of me. I plan to be drunk all week, so I'm sure it will be interesting. ;)

Hope you have a great weekend! Next week, I will actually be posting some things that have useful content, rather than my narcotic-induced rants.


  1. Yay PA! Not really, I can't wait to get out of this place. I just posted about the snowfall last night and the fact that I can't wait to move to a state where the kids have never heard of a snow day. And then once I get there, I'll probably miss PA.

    I'm glad you're feeling better!

  2. I envy you entering Lancaster County where there are whoopie pies everywhere, apple fritters OMG. Can you tell I miss that place? If it wasn't for tough winters I could stay there forever. Have a safe trip and think of how much Odie wants to be there when you are chowing down.

  3. I'm so sorry about your friend :( But jealous about the upcoming vacation!! I too believe in paying it forward, def. what life is about... and on a side note, your button on my page won't link back to your page (yea, I'm nice like that and re-checking links now that my new blog is up) anywho... is it me...or you? Just wanna make sure ppl can find you!! CAUSE I kinda like you ;) Ok, more than kinda

  4. Keri! I hope you had a nice weekend (sans kids)! I was just perusing your posts. . . did you get DRY SOCKET??? My god, I've heard that's awful. I hope you are feeling well enough to woop it up a little without the babes.

    PS) I needed to get rid of my full name in my blog address (I'm a dumb arse, I know.) So I have a new blog address!

    I'm committing some blogging sin aren't I? It had to be done though so rather sooner than later.

    Happy Monday!