Thursday, January 6, 2011

I've decided....(2)

…it’s okay to take time to get to bond with your husband again after deployment. After all, it takes a year to get used to living without them, so it can take a while to get used to living with them again.

…that lint rollers are ineffective in the battle against dog hair on your clothes. I have learned to live with the fact that I have now grown my own winter coat.

…that new mothers that have jogging strollers and use them really piss me off. Who the hell has time to run with a newborn???

…I like to hibernate in the winter like bears. There is nothing more satisfying than to stay in bed when it’s cold outside, with a book and a cup of hot tea.

…that a new purse is like Chicken Soup to the Soul, more so than even Chicken Soup. And like new shoes, you can never have enough.

…if people judge you, they are really just insecure with their own choices. Everyone is different and no one has all the right answers.

…it’s okay to still hate people from your past. Anger gives you the power to make changes and can be very cleansing.'s okay to be a little surprised when you find out your ex-boyfriend got married and no one told you.

…to skip makeup once a week and just moisturize. My skin needs to breathe!!!

…my butt looks good in jeans. But it’s scary as hell in a bathing suit.

…I’m afraid to get a bikini wax. I cry like a baby when I get my eyebrows done, so I can’t imagine the agony of hair removal from my hoo-ha.

…I like my husbands grey hair, but will continue to color mine until I die.

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  1. Hey Keri - I love your ski picture too! You look very Aspenish & active. My sister is an army wife and I'm sending her your link to follow. She will definitely be able to relate, especially to this post. It does take a while to get readjusted. Take care & good to meet you! JenT

  2. I really like you list and picture.

  3. Love this! I've lived with out my husband for the last 6 months (nothing compared to a deployment I know..) and now living with him again is quite the adjustment. I've given up on reminding him that the toilet seat goes DOWN, but I'll still hound him to rinse his dirty dishes since I'M the dishwasher.. and no, the dirty clothes pile ISN'T wherever he happens to shed his dirtyass ACU's, lol.

    OMG I go without make up almost everyday and no I don't look great, or even good without it, so kudos to you for putting it on the other 6!

    And yes it hurts THAT bad to rip every organically grown hair on your goodies. I have friends that swear it doesn't hurt, but when I go it's all I can do to not scream "Kelly Clarkson," like Steve Carell and 'accidentally' hurt the one inflicting the pain. I mean, what happened to the 70's and hairdownthere being beautiful?! Apparently, women with lighter hair have it easier...jerks.

    p.s. people who jog in general piss me off! ;)

  4. I totally hear you about the newborn in the jogger. Seriously, I had like 20 minutes out of every hour before I had to feed the baby again - both times.

  5. Hey i love your blog so honest and true! i found it through Armywife101. My name is Crystal from

    Would love for you to come check it out sometime!

  6. I voted for you on Babble b/c strangely enough I listened to the founders of babble speaking at a TED conference YESTERDAY (by chance) and they were amazingly, real AND funny.