Friday, May 20, 2011

Sometimes you feel like a nut...sometimes you don't.

Yesterday was what I like to call an "off" day.

I started to question my sanity a little...because right now my inhibitions are quite low. No, I am not flashing my boobs out the car window or anything, nor did I apply to become an exotic dancer. I have just not cared a whole lot about following proper ettiquette and rules.

Today is much better. Partially, because I have big plans tonight. Dinner at Panera Bread (which largely hinges on carbs and cheese)followed by a snuggly movie watching experience with CANDY, to the drive in to watch the new Pirates of the Caribbean and Thor. Now, Thor doesn't really appeal to me. BUT...I saw an interview with the dude who plays him with his hair a respectable length, and he was pretty hot, so I think I can ignore the plot and the long hair and focus on what is important here...HIS ABS.

Now, Johnny Depp is a whole other story. I have never been attracted to Johnny Depp other than when he plays Jack Sparrow. Tell me why I am so attracted to a dirty, nasty, sexy, naughty pirate? I have no idea. But I am. The whole thing really "works" for me.

I love going to the drive in too. Makes me think about being a teenager and going on dates there. And movie theatres generally make me happy because they involve readily available food, that somehow, I don't mind paying exorbitant costs for.

I am pretty happy today. I feel slightly normal. Well, the normal that I am now. But I drank about 2 inches of that is a start. I changed my work schedule, and eliminated more stress. And it has now been one month since my "No Good, Very Bad Day." One month, and I have survived. One month to make me feel happy for even 5 minutes. But it's progress.

My birthday is next week. Wednesday. I really wish I could have a margarita and mexican food with friends. But I don't really have many people around that are knocking down my door right now. Most people I am friends with here from my various jobs, I don't really see. And my close friends and family can't make it out to see me right now. It kind of sucks, because the last person I want to be with on my birthday is my husband.


  1. Glad to hear you got your 5 minutes of happy. And thank you for sharing your story. Hang in there! If I was near, I would totally take you out for Mexican and margaritas because it is awesome at any time, and especially your birthday. I hope you go get it anyway. Happy birthday (a few days early)!

  2. I love the drive-in! I'll have to go this summer!

    Happy Early Birthday! If I were closer I'd come have margaritas with you for sure!

  3. I would be there if I could. Maybe you can come here for a girls night full of doing our nails, makeup & Lala giving you a new hairstyle. We can send Hubby & baby to the dungeon for a couple of hours. I do have to warn you though that Lala kicks in her sleep. Unfortunately your birthday is going to be a sad day for everyone for a different reason, maybe we can comfort each other.

  4. Well Keri if you were closer Linda & I would party with you since we love the same kind of foods. Sorry your world doesn't seem to working the way you want it to.

  5. So jealous- wish we had a drive-in close to us. I know my kids would love it! I hear Thor is amazing - I mean the Actor's ABS!! I too only love Johnny Depp in Pirates as well- so I hope it ROCKS!! Have fun!

  6. I'm a fellow Marine wife battling with problems of my own,I cried while reading because I feel the same way,then it angers me that he gets upset with me for "disconnecting" is the term I'm going to use from him after I got the news.So my ? To you is how do I find myself while being a sahm fulltime and does it get easier?