Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last night, I made poor choices.

Actually, they weren't too bad, but sometimes I miss making poor choices.

They are always the most fun.

I don't know if it was from the new heating blanket I just acquired, or what...but I passed out cold twice this morning. Like, let the dogs out and woke up on the floor, wondering how I had gotten there. Then I went in to the bathroom, and did the same thing!

Then I crawled until I got to bed, and went back to sleep.

I wasn't taking anymore chances. I've only fainted once before, and I was like, ten, and had just ripped open my finger at cheerleading practice. So it's definitely odd.

I feel like my post are blah lately, and I don't know what to say other than, it's because my life is boring as fuck. Or, not so much boring as "not amusing". Going to daily dr appointments is boring as fuck. Not a whole lotta laughs going on, ya know? Right now, other than that, I'm pretty much on call, waiting for my sister to text me and tell me that the baby is coming so that I can drive down to PA and make it in time for birth. I am so ready for her to get this kid out, because I can't take any more pictures of her swollen feet.

Seriously. Its like they are stretched to maximum capacity. I once weighed 255 lbs, and my feet never looked that fat. She is tiny. They are so terrifying, I show my kids as punishment for things. "Sit and stare and Aunt Laura's nasty feet and hands. That should teach you to interrupt math class."

I swear, I am running out of things to respond to his teacher with. After the first three times I've told her, "he will be dealt with accordingly" and then he keeps showing off in class, it loses it's threatening appeal. Today, I just gave up, and told her to send him to the principals office. I mean, dude, I'm grounding this child, which means I am stuck with him and therefore punished too, and I'm making him do extra chores and look at his Aunts water retention.

I'm sick of being grounded. The best thing about Halloween is that they will go trick or treat for a few hours and I can eat the two bags of Reeces Peanut Butter cups that I bought to "hand out to the kids."

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  1. Why are u passing out?

    Make sure when you ground your son...make him stay in his room with no electronics...and make sure he does tuff scrubbing the tub it worked for me.