Sunday, October 30, 2011

I've decided.....some more...

...that Starbucks baristas are horribly condescending. No matter how I order it, they always rearrange what I call my beverage to make me feel inferior in my knowledge of coffee beverages. They know I need what they have, much like a crack dealer, so I have to suck it up for my over-priced fix.

...that when my children wanted to still trick or treat in middle school, I can use first choice in pilfering their candy in order to provide costumes.

...not working allows me to spend more time going through my kids text messages, and reading the dumb things they talk about. I am losing hope for their generation from a complete lack of proper grammar.

...that when viewing the state of our economy, socialism may not be a bad way to go for most of us who are not in the top 10% income bracket. I wonder what all the rich people's children will do when they can no longer utilize Planned Parenthood for birth control, since their conservative parents don't believe in it.

...that our obligations as human beings should come before political agendas.

...every dark cloud does have a silver lining. But sometimes the sun isn't shining through when it first appears.

...that microwaveable slippers are warm and toasty, but are damn hard to walk in.

...punching bags would be a more satisfying way to take out aggression if they said "ouch!" when you hit them.

...that you should never be afraid to be who you are.

...that Twilight wasn't a life-changing movie, but I did learn that everyone in the Pacific Northwest is really pale.

...if it weren't for appearances, everyone would live in elastic waisted pants. Why would you ever go back to being tethered in to jeans?


  1. great post...agree for the puncing bag LOL, well agree for everything actually :)
    I just join your GFC, would you like to visit me back at I would be very happy to have you on my GFC list too ...

  2. Yoga pants, that's where the secret is. They're slightly hip, give off an aura of zen-ness and they have a drawstring or just a band at the waist. I'm not sure I could face the daily grind without them.

    I've long thought socialism is the way to go, especially when I give all my extra money to insurance agencies and doctor's offices. Bastards.