Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pearl Harbor Day...the difference between then and now.

Today is a day largely remembered as when our country entered WWII. All the major wars until Desert Storm required a sense of self-sacrifice from not only the soldiers, but the rest of the country.

There was rationing, women having to take over factory jobs to fill in for the men that were sent overseas, and there was a draft.

These wars we have been fighting for ten years has been a much different story.

People want to pretend that they support the troops, but do they? What have you sacrificed for the Iraq and Afghanistan war efforts?

Do you know that this is the longest war in history? Do you realize these soldiers come home after it has been drilled in to their heads that the enemy could be anyone?

My husband can't drive anymore. Not safely. Anytime he sees a suspicious package alongside the road, he begins to have panic attacks. A blown out tire is even worse, since he was almost killed by one that he picked up, and attached was an IED and grenade. It started to activate, and he ran with it, to spare the lives of his men. It stopped one click from detonating.

Unless you live with a soldier, or have one as a child, you understand how frustrating it is to listen to people with their petty problems, while you wait by the phone for a year at a time, hoping you won't get a bad call. You take your cell phone to the toilet with you, in fear you will miss a chance to hear their voice. You have been on the phone with them when the line goes dead after hearing explosions, and don't know what just happened.

These soldiers in today's military deploy at a rapid pace. I know many who have deployed five times, every other year. How do you bond with your children when you miss half their lives?

I am just saying that take the time out of your day EVERY day to thank a veteran or a soldier. And don't forget their families, for the heartbreaking trials they also endure in support of our country...so you can sleep safely in your bed.

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  1. You are so right. I distinctly remember WWII, with the rationing, saving aluminum, even kitchen grease, etc. The American people sacrificed so the troops would have what they needed. That did NOT happen in any other war our country has been in. Not during Korea or Vietnam or now.

    Because we, as a nation and a people, have not had to pay a price for freedom, we shrug our shoulders and go about everyday life, not realizing how many of our troops who have come home have had to deal with PTSD or prosthetic limbs, or crippled bodies.

    My husband was a Korean War vet. So was his brother and his oldest sister. I was a teenager during the Korean War and I can say for a fact that there was no shared sacrifice. It was so during Vietnam also. The difference was, the Vietnam vets were treated miserably by the very people on the home front. I pray that never happens again. I so remember how it was.

    Today's military is all volunteer and there is much to be said for one who will put life and limb on the line to protect our nation. My primary grief is that so few take time to write to those who are deployed or send a care box to brighten the day for someone over in the sandbox.

    But do not despair. There is an army of people who have lived through WWII till now and our attitudes toward our military are quite different than the general public. There are many who will support our troops till every single one comes home.

    Give your husband a hug for me. Tell him an old lady says thank you for what you have given to our country and its people. Tell him there are lots of us who remember what freedom costs.

    God bless you,