Sunday, December 4, 2011

When you are sexy enough, you can admit to being a dork about some things...

I spent my entire weekend watching all 8 Harry Potter movies, even though I had seen all but the last one.

Why did this occur?

Because my sons and husband didn't listen to over the last ten years and watch them before, so in order for me to feel completed with an ending, I was forced to start them over.

That's a lot of wizardry to take in.

My husband finds it highly amusing that I keep tabs on a blog with details about The Hobbit prequel that is in production. And I also have actual artist productions of a full sized Yoda and Chewy head.

I don't have to apologize for the fact I love Lord of The Rings and Star Wars.

I paid my dues as a dork when I was a young kid, getting teased for being flat-chested and having a mullet.

Now I am old enough to embrace the side of me that loves expensive purses and accessories, yet can still appreciate real paper books, not this Kindle crap.

Despite my nerdish obsessions, I am a very well rounded individual who can hold an intelligent conversation on world events, politics and religion, but I am confident enough to be able to make ridiculous jokes, even if they are at my expense.

One of my sons is a dork, and I love it. One day, he will be a very rich man who all the popular kids will end up working for. He is not afraid to be who he is, and for an almost 13 year old, that's pretty damn impressive.

So get out there and let that inner dork out, and own it!


  1. I love BOOKS. Real books! I often dream of having a house with its own library someday. I'm probably the most technologically advanced out of all of my friends, and I still don't own a kindle/tablet. I refuse to. Nothing beats cozying up on a chair/couch, losing yourself in pages. And not having to stare at a screen and worry about keeping a battery charged. No thanks.

    Btw, I absolutely love your new profile picture. Looking hot momma!

  2. Our nerdish obsessions make us well rounded individuals. Last time I checked, who runs the world? Nerds!