Sunday, December 4, 2011

Army life, Army wife...not for long!

Well, we have officially moved in to the MEB process of being medically retired from the army.

It fucken sucks.

It seems that paperwork is the army's kryptonite. They can't put things together And use simple time management skills unless it involves guns or large machinery.

The horrible part is trying to deal with the disjointed medical staff, who don't really care about the soldiers they are out processing. I'm sure the tables will turn if they ever have to experience waiting for a year with no job to do, in order to find out if someone screwed them over by leaving something out of the medical records.

I highly advise all spouses to be directly involved with their soldiers MEB and PEB processing, as well as all the ACAP meetings. Your husband will miss 70% of the info given, and then come home and leave it out.

I would also like to say that while there are plenty of pogues who use mental disorders to get out, there are soldiers who desperately need the help, and it's time to stop treating them like they are less of a man because they sought treatment. Do it before it ruins your life, because at some point, it WILL catch up with you.

First and foremost, put your health and your family first, because you will need their love and support when making a transition like this.

If any of you have questions about the process, feel free to email me.
Ive got your back!

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  1. We are starting a MEB as well, for a neuro disorder though. Its scary and stressful not knowing when you will officially be out, or how much "income" you will get. hard to plan, especially in AK.