Saturday, February 4, 2012

Next stop...Armageddon

I'm a tall gal.

I also have some muscle (and fat), but my point is that my mouth won't write a check that my butt can't cash. If I pick a fight, I am prepared to fight it on my own.

I have no respect for gang-bang attacks, coerced by a puny guy who happens to have a BFF with big muscles.

And that's why I think it's a big mistake for Israel to truly consider attacking Iran.

I support Israel as a state...let me be clear.

But the fact is that if they start some shit, they don't have the firepower to carry this alone. They know that the US will get involved to protect it's "little brother." And I have to say, I am tired of war. It's been ten years since this directly affected my life on a daily basis. Our soldiers are tired of war.

What do we know?

We know that some of these countries are banded together, like the Bloods and the Crips. Iran and North Korea...these are countries that we don't need to encourage firing the first shot. With so much instability in the Middle East, and so much change happening, I think we need to give them more time to work things out logically, and without more innocent people dying.

Yes, there is threat of nuclear warfare from Iran. And I think we need to stop the manufacturing of nuclear weapons there...but I also think that EVERY country needs to get rid of their nuclear weapons. Because who is going to win if it comes to that?


Once the first one is fired off, you might as well cross your chest, light some incense and prepare to meet your maker, because they will keep going until there is nothing left on this planet, other than cockroaches.

It's one thing to get involved to help people who want a more democratic government and free society, IF the people in that country want it. I would gladly fight for any human being who wants to live freely, and not under tyranny. But they need to take the steps themselves to get it going.

Libya and Egypt have been amazing. These people finally wanted change, and even if we had to aid them in some way, they fought for themselves. Syria is not far behind.

But we don't need World War III, and that is what will happen if we jump the gun and get in the middle of a knife fight right now. This is not the way, and it's not the time.

Our main concern should be how to get our country up and running again, before everyone in the world realize that we are at our weakest point in history, and decide to have a go at us. We are having a non-violent civil war at home.

As a nation, we have no sense of responsibility for our own. We only care about ourselves and how things affect us. There is nothing holding us together, yet everything that we are going through individually binds us. If only we would see that.

Honestly, it makes me want to pack up my family and move to another country. A country where things are simple, and life is about family, not "stuff". A country where my kids can still get an education, and use it for good to help out their fellow man. A country where we can eat fresh, natural foods, go to the doctor if we need it without worrying about going bankrupt, and stop and smell the roses and enjoy looking at the stars.

Yet, part of me wants to stay and fight for the US. Because it is my home, my birthplace. Because we COULD do SO MUCH good...IF we figure it out before it's too late.

It makes me want to vomit that politicians are throwing away MILLIONS OF DOLLARS trying to get elected, much as watching some of these "Real Housewives" who spent a million dollars on a necklace that holds a lollipop. It seriously turns my stomach. It makes me feel dirty, to then look around my own home...a duplex on a military base. With brand new appliances, two cars loaded with amenities like heated seats, and all the crap I have sitting here. I want to purge my life of this stuff, because it is like crack. It just makes you want more.

Have you ever gone to a 3rd world country? I have. And it changed me.

I went on a cruise with my husband a few years ago, and we stopped in Belize. We went on a ziplining tour that took us away from the hustle and bustle of the port area, and past the normal living conditions of the people who lived there. They lived in shacks. Your storage shed looks more habitable than anything I saw. It made me unable to enjoy being on vacation, because it made me feel like my priorities are completely out of place in this world, and in my life.

And to realize that the majority of people on the planet live in conditions like that or worse. For them to experience one day in our lives, would be the equivalent of us going to Disney World. A magical experience.

Yet we are unaffected. It's not our problem, right? Because we live in the US of A, and we are superior? No, because we were fucking lucky enough to be born here. We suffer from apathy. And it is more dangerous than anything else.

We took my kids on a trip to St Lucia last year. My sons saw the poverty that covered the majority of the island, once you got away from the tourist resorts. And my then 12 year old sat there on the beach, and preached to the peddler who was helping them make beaded necklaces, how he was going to come back when he is a grown up, so that he could help the people in that country, since they were so poor. I almost had a heart attack, not wanting the man to be offended by my child's words, but he stopped me, and said, "No mon, the boy speaks the truth. Let him talk about it."

And then I realized I was embarrassed, not because of my son making note of the poverty, but at myself, because I wanted to not acknowledge it.

I know my post has gotten off track, but I have had a rough year. Things have happened in my life that would cause most people to roll over and die. But the one thing that has gotten me through it, is knowing that no matter what has happened to me, it can still be worse. And it has slapped me in the face and woken me up to what is important in life.

We have gotten off-track as a nation. We have gotten lazy and uncaring of others. It's all about me.

And with that attitude, it will only leave us further to fall when the bottom drops out, because then we will see how unimportant we are, and how no one cares about us.

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