Wednesday, February 1, 2012

You know you've been married awhile when you can make a list of your spouse's annoying habits.

It's really cute when you see newly married couples, even if they've lived together for a few years, and they say the honeymoon stage is over.

What they don't realize is that they are still in the honeymoon stage...not that they haven't fought, or can't see each other's faults.

They still think there is time to change them and are willing to expend energy trying to get them to.

With the amount of stress I have, it's hard to imagine having to "try" in a new relationship. My friend and I were discussing how much our kids would get away with if we were dating, rather than in relationships over a decade. Dating is a distraction because you haven't "locked" them in yet. You still care about the image you present to your partner.

I find that I have such little patience for irritating waking up to find there is no cream for my coffee because dear husband decided to drink a pot that morning, and couldn't leave me enough for one cup.

Or falling asleep in public with his mouth hanging wide open.

And then they wonder why we aren't "in the mood" more often.

Not that I am perfect...I am a royal bitch until I am fully awake, and if you wake me up, I will say really mean stuff because I am so pissy.

I would cut someone.

I also change socks three times a day, and never put away my clean laundry. It just gets stacked.

I think that every few years, you should renew your vows and also make a pro/con list of why you are married, so that you have a chance to remember the positive aspects your spouse brings to your life.

I write this as I pretend not to know my husband, who has fallen asleep in the waiting room at the Dr's office WITH HIS MOUTH OPEN!

Seriously...he is gurgling, and if he lets go of the drool that is no doubt building up in his cheek, I am going to move seats. I took a picture and put it on FB. Lol.

I'm such a dick sometimes.

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  1. Haha... I'm so glad that you're my sister...

    Favorite lines : I would cut someone AND I'm such a dick sometimes