Friday, February 3, 2012

"Things about to get CRAZY up in herre!"

I can't take it anymore.

I've tried, laws' knows, I tried to hold back my comments to a minimum about politics, as to not lose readership of my blog, since so many military folk are republican...

But alas, much like the great flood of Johnstown, the dam has broken.

I want to be clear...I don't care what party you affiliate yourself with,
IF you can defend your reasons why you support it.

I've already said, I think political parties are stupid, because they are divisive and not all encompassing. Both Republicans and Democrats are extremists, so no one wins, because neither are willing to compromise. If you have any relationship that does not involve compromise and communication, then the relationship is doomed to fail.

So why don't all of these dumb Americans see that?

Yes, that's right. I said "DUMB AMERICANS".

First, I will address the Dumb Americans that are in the republican party. Not ALL republicans...just the radical ones.

Most families are barely getting by with todays economy. How many of you actually have 6 months of savings to cover your bills? How many of you have lost your house to foreclosure or are so far under in equity that you are screwed? I think most Republicans identify with that party because of what it USED to stand for...back in the Reagan days. Strong defense, moderate-conservatives. I agree with a strong defense. But you keep arguing that Obama is cutting defense spending, yet he hasn't. He is cutting down the size of our Army because we don't need that large of an army anymore. We are building 11 new Navy ships every year. We have the largest Navy in the world already. The pay raises the military got under the Bush administration was an average of 3.6%...that amounted to $50 a paycheck for most of us.

Big fucken whoop.

That doesn't even pay the $60 a month I have to fork out for my kids school lunches, so it really doesn't make a difference to me that it has only been 1% during the Obama administration. Many republicans identify with the party because they feel it is a more "Moral" party, or as they see, Christianity=Moral, and any other religion=immoral. You only want to defend the rights of your religion, rather than protect the rights of ALL religions. And you use your religion to attack the rights of women. Our country was founded on the premise of "freedom of religion", and personal freedoms to live our lives the way we see fit. If you believe in Pro-life, then don't get an abortion. But unless you are willing to go adopt all the unwanted children that would result from banning abortions, then shut the fuck up. You don't have to think it's "morally right" for other people to live the way they want to.

To many of you, African-American=Poor. Irresponsible=Poor. You cheer for people who don't have proper healthcare to die, rather than be treated. What you idiots don't know, is that even if you DO have healthcare, if you became seriously ill, your policies wouldn't even be able to cover your expenses. You champion candidates who are seriously out of touch with the average American. They don't represent your best interests. They represent getting a position to make back-door deals with large corporations and to line their own pockets, while the rest of you sit there stroking your guns, because that's what is most important to you. You just DON'T want to lose those guns. Well, guess what? The second amendment to bear arms was included so that our government couldn't rule the people...and low and behold, your government has done that.

It's out of control, you ignorant assholes. I just paid $15 for 8 rolls of toilet paper to wipe my rear-end with. $15!!!!!!!!!!! That is a sure sign of a failing country. That means, if I made minimum wage, I would have to work for 2 hours to pay for my toilet paper. And the people who make minimum wage, are the people who have the most laborous, difficult jobs.

Take your head out of your asses and pick up a newspaper. Read FACTS about the candidates. Facts are not a running commentary by half the people on tv or on the internet. Facts are not the forwarded email you got from a friend or coworker, claiming that Obama is a Muslim. Who cares if he is? Christianity is not a pre-requisite for being American.

As for this bullshit tax issue...the average american income is $26k. If you are only making $26k, you are not paying income taxes. You are getting it all back in that tax return check you get every year. Most people DO get money back. And if you do have to pay taxes, it goes to pave the roads you drive on and fill potholes. It goes to provide free education for your children. It goes to maintain National Monuments and Cemetaries. It goes to run this country.

AND, IT GOES TO PAY THESE BLOWHARD POLITICIANS THAT MAKE MORE MONEY FROM THE INTEREST MADE ON THEIR INVESTMENTS THAN YOUR HOUSE IS WORTH IN ONE YEAR. The problem is that they don't want to pay anything that would benefit anyone other than themselves. Because at the end of the day, they are taken care of and can go to bed at night, while you sit up and try to figure out how to pay all your bills and feed your children.

Now....You "Occupy Wall Street" morons:

Look, I get want to rebel and be the leftist extremists. Yet many of you are elitists as well. You in Oakland, paid for catered food for protestors, yet wouldn't let homeless people eat the food? You hold your rallies in the spaces that farmers markets are held, preventing the small businesses and farmers to make their living? You need to reel it in, and organize this mess, because you are trying to make points, yet harming your own platform.

AND STOP GETTING NAKED. It's NOT 1960, and you are not hippies. This is why people don't take you seriously. Go back to the drawing board and organize.

Now, to the rest of the people who I haven't addressed in my rant:

Most Americans are moderate. Most of them just want to be able to provide for their family and have a chance to thrive. You have morals, but you believe in brotherhood. You want people to not be poor, you want to help others. You want a functioning government, and every time we hold elections, you shake your head and try to decide which candidate is the less of two evils, because no one represents what you fully believe. So, what do we do?

We need real leaders. The President is a front man. The "Beyonce" to Destinys Child. He doesn't have the power to make or break this country. That responsibility falls on the Congress...the legislative branch of this country. Who, has done pretty much nothing to help us out, and save jobs, and stop letting China buy us on credit. China pretty much owns our country. The world is falling apart, people. This is why so many people believe in the 2012 prophesis. Because we all see how bad it is, and how much worse it is getting.

Every world power has fallen through history. It looks like we are on our way down. Our freedoms are so limited now...this is not the land of opportunity unless you win the lottery, or catch a break. This is not what I want my children to inherit. Aside from the flying cars, this is the scary scenario on "Back to the Future II"...where everyone is horrible, microwaves everything, has big screen tv's and fake boobs.

So what do we do? Keep playing possum, and vote for the same old?

Not vote at all, because we feel we are powerless?

Get inspired, do your homework, and vote for the right candidates. Vote for the new blood...the ones who have that look of "change" in their eyes. Who still believe in the democratic system. Vote for the person who hasn't yet been bought by corporations and lobbyists, and if he gets uppity...then replace him in the next election.

I am just sick of seeing people follow these idiots blindly, like sheep.
Think for yourself. Educate yourself. Don't be naive enough to only get your news from Fox, if you are republican, nor MSNBC if you are a democrat. Watch both. See what they say, and then search out the FACTS.


  1. I love you. And I love this entry. Sincerely, a fellow free thinker. We are too few and rare.

  2. finally....someone who gets it!

  3. OMG Thank you oh Voice of Reason.
    As I type my husband & I are smack dab in the middle of a political 'discussion' with my uber-Catholic 'we only vote pro-life' in-laws. There isn't enough wine in the house for this discussion...

  4. Wonderful and passionate and pretty damn accurate entry. Love it. One thing, though: don't let the idiocy of others stress you out. <3

  5. I freaking love you and nothing more needs to be said , it's nice to see someone put it out there !