Thursday, December 30, 2010

I think we have only spent 5 weekends home since Andy came back from Iraq with no company since July. So we are going to Turning Stone Casino near Syracuse, NY for New Years Eve to have some “alone time”, which is sorely needed. We are leaving tonight, and all week, I have been like a crack addict jonesing for her next fix! I love-love-love gambling!!! I have dreams a week before we go to a casino that I am going to win big, and then it never happens. You would think I'd learn by now, but I can't stop myself from getting excited.

It’s been a mixed bag, this year and I have held up pretty well considering. Finances are the only thing I really didn't stress out much about, and it's usually the #1 thing that makes me lose sleep. But this year, I had a great opportunity to pay off a lot of debt, which took a lot of stress off my shoulders, especially since we are moving in 6 more months.

My New Years Resolutions:

1. To go to bed earlier. I keep myself awake on weeknights so I can watch tv, like a child who is afraid they will miss something. I am going to invoke my right to DVR, and get those much needed extra Z’s. I will even fall asleep with the tv on, saying I'm "listening" to the show, even though I can't keep my eyes open anymore.

2. To finally quit smoking. I have made several haphazard attempts to quit smoking for the past 3 years, but this time I will do it for good. I will miss it, but I won’t. I think that's why I have been unsuccessful at quitting. To understand how you can love it and hate it, you have to have been a smoker.

3. To lose 50 lbs. I can be okay with not being a size 6, but I need to get the 50 off to keep me healthy and more fit. I fell off the diet-wagon this month, and gained back 10 lbs that I had lost. Now I am paying for it by having to go through the stomach shrinking week all over again! I have to wear a bathing suit in 2 months, people! It's bad enough that the St. Lucian's will have to see my pasty, white skin, but I need to trim a few lbs off too.

I'm afraid my list isn't very original or exciting. But it's relatable, since most people I know have the same things on their lists.
Good luck to everyone in making their resolutions happen, and I hope everyone has a great New Years Eve!!!



  1. Hi Keri, Good luck on the resolutions. I tried to quit smoking a number of times but really didn't want to so I failed each time until one day I decided I "wanted" to quit and it was easy to throw them down and not even want to be around a smoker again. That was Jan 21, 1981. Haven't had one since. I want to loose 20 lbs and take better care of myself. That I can do too. We need to keep each other accountable & maybe that will help.

  2. Try Chantix to quit smoking. It's a prescription pill and it really helped me. When you get a craving take a walk- which will also help keep the pounds at bay. I quit two years ago. The hard part is not smoking when I drink. I can't get that connection out of my head and it sucks. Good luck! My hubby will be back from Iraq very shortly!

  3. Good luck with your resolutions!

    Mine are to exercise, read the Bible, do my Motivated Moms cleaning calendar and drink at least 64oz of water.

    I probably should go to bed at a decent hour as well, especially with having a DVR, we'll see how that goes.

    Hope you are having fun gambling!

  4. That one of keeping yourself up late at night is lovely for the solitude it offers, but a butt kicker the next morning. Good luck!

  5. Hi there! Thanks for joining my blog frog group- glad to have you. I am now following your blog and hope you'll stop by mine when you have a chance... Looking forward to reading more of your posts :)